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The Royalty Reality TV Show Is Nothing But A Flop


I’m not sure many have heard about the show. Perhaps you are wondering why I’m writing about this. Well, I have a friend who is in the house.
Recall I published a blog post about it last week, where I profiled one of the housemates, Amara Michaels.
That post was shared by hundreds of people and because of that, I said I was going to support Mimi. I even volunteered to join her social media team. But to my greatest surprised, a show that was supposed to show three TV channels and YouTube is yet to show on even Facebook. 

And all the people who heard about it and were willing to support are disappointed.
They have been asking questions as if I am part of the organizers and im just tired of answering.

For the records, please, I’m not in any way in partnership with them, im only supporting Amara, one of the housemates.
I’m hopping they will do something about it, so far, the show is a flop.


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