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Top 10 Most Dangerous Places In Rivers State/ Port Harcourt


Rivers State , one of the South South states in the oil rich region of Nigeria is undeniably safe thanks to the no nonsense security measures put in play the Governor Nyesom Wike. But of course no place in the world is 100% safe and so there are a few places where you should be cautious in Rivers State.
Perhaps you are a first time visitor or you are planning to relocate to Port Harcourt, below are the places in Rivers State/ Port Harcourt you should wear your jims and shine your eyes like Oga Sabinus though we advised your use one hand so you can still secure your bag or pocket . Lol


Borokiri is a region of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, approximately south of Old GRA. The area is bounded on the north by Ahoada Street, on the east by Okrika Island, on the south by the Orubiri oilfield, and on the west by Ship Builders Road.
Numerous robberies have occurred in Borokiri, both with and without guns, making it a major issue in the area.
The government’s most common crime against foreigners and, on rare occasions, citizens is kidnapping.


The majority of business transactions in Diobu and Port Harcourt occur in the numerous marketplaces. Mile One and Mile 3 are the two major open-air marketplaces in Port Harcourt. Everything is sold here, from apparel to household goods to food.
These places are often crowded, and criminals and hoodlums frequent them. An explosion shook a section of the famous Mile Three market, injuring two people.


D-line is a thriving commercial and residential district in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The neighborhood, also known as “D/Line,” is highly populated, which has resulted in a surge in criminal activities, making it one of the most dangerous places to live in Rivers state.
Residents of D-Line and the nearby communities are terrified as violent robberies, kidnappings, cultism, and handset and handbag theft have increased. According to the investigation, armed robbers, mostly youths, have taken over the streets, targeting householders at gunpoint and stealing them of their possessions.


Etche Local Government Area has a high level of insecurity and cult-related activity as well. The Umuoma Boys, a deadly cult, rule the area. Unknown shooters target various communities in the area on a daily basis, injuring a large number of people. As a result of these attacks, some individuals will be murdered and homes will be destroyed.
Because of the high level of insecurity in Etche, residents of Rivers state are unable to travel there. The majority of kidnappings and robberies in and around Etche are thought to be the work of these cults. Because of the strategy of merging hoodlums with the engines of political change, the Etche environment is deadly during election seasons.

Slaughter is another dangerous area to avoid in Rivers state. In Port Harcourt, there is a 1,000-hectare industrial complex as well as a diverse residential neighborhood. The district, which has a major manufacturing industry, is an important industrial zone in the city.
Slaughter has made steps to lower the rate of criminal activity. According to the administration, the demolition of some market shanties and sanctuaries is motivated by the urgent need to curb crime and protect lives and property in the state.


ONELGA is one of Rivers State’s most dangerous locations in terms of insecurity. Despite the state administration’s efforts to de-escalate the issue by implementing an amnesty program, Rivers State’s security zone remains high.
This neighborhood is rife with criminal activity. Several young guys had already been beheaded and their skulls removed in Omoku. In ONELGA, kidnappings and assassinations are widespread. Kidnappings for ransoms ranging from N100,000 to N200,000 are common.


Diobu is a heavily populated neighbourhood of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and part of the Port Harcourt metropolitan area. Rivers State University, a university of science and technology, is located there. Diobu is a vibrant neighborhood known for its thrift stores.


Ikwerre is another popular LGA in Rivers state, and it is one of the most dangerous places to live because of cult activities. The ancient city of Isiokpo serves as the capital of the Ikwerre Local Government Area, which includes 14 communities. About nine of these places have been “colonized” by various cult organizations.


The Port Harcourt Oil Mill Market dates back to the origins of Rivers State. The market is located in Obio/Akpor LGA’s Rumuokwurusi village. The neighborhood got its name from the vast amount of palm oil that was marketed there a few decades ago.
When it comes to the dark side of the Oilmill market, miscreants and touts have made it a practice to fill the region with their operations. On market day, criminals prey on drivers unfamiliar with the area, particularly private-car owners.
Pickpocketing and phone theft are very common in this neighborhood, with criminals imitating shoppers. This is especially true in the late afternoon and evening, after the day’s labor is finished.


Emohua is Ikwerre’s neighboring local government area. Many similarities exist between the two local government areas. They have practically identical traditions, almost identical languages, and are administered by a single supreme council. Emohua’s youth, according to some neighbors who spoke to News Report, are cult novices.
Kidnappers have taken over the East-West Road, which connects the territories of Ndele and Rundele. These villages were linked by water. When the victim is apprehended, he or she is thrown into a speedboat and whisked away.

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