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Veekee James Reveals Her Boyfriend and Husband-To-Be, Femi


Fashion designer and gospel, Veekee James joyfully announced her fiancé and future husband, Femi, in a heartwarming post today.

Veekee James, with immense joy, revealed her boyfriend and future husband, Femi, in a heartwarming announcement that followed a picturesque proposal video and photos. A series of enchanting photos captured the moment Femi popped the question, presenting her with a stunning diamond ring that left her speechless.

“10/06/2023 I said YES to my answered prayer,” James shared in the caption of one of the photos, encapsulating the magical moment that marked the beginning of their journey towards marriage.

The news of their engagement swiftly spread, eliciting a wave of heartfelt congratulations from James’s devoted fans and friends. Celebrities, too, joined the chorus of well-wishers, expressing their happiness for the couple.

“Congratulations Jesus Baby,!” exclaimed the jubilant actress Toke Makinwa. “Congratulations my fellow daughter of Zion,” chimed in Sharon Ooja. “Congratulations baby,” echoed BBN reality TV star Maria Chike Benjamin, adding to the outpouring of love and support.

Today, on Sunday, November 5, 2023, Veekee James graciously introduced her fiancé and soon-to-be husband to the world, eliciting excitement and admiration from her followers. Sharing a charming photo of the couple, she expressed her gratitude, saying, “Y’all asked to see ma Mannnn..prepare to be sick of us 🥰😄 Thank y’all so much for all the love and well wishes….myself and my FIANCÉ 🙈 are grateful❤️.”

Before revealing her husband-to-be’s photos, James shared a glimpse of their enchanting engagement in a heartfelt video. Professing her enduring love for Femi, she declared, “FEMI my sweetest love❤️ I’ll choose you over and over and over and over again! May the good Lord continually sail this ship of ours that He’s built all by Himself❤️ I love you 🥰.” The full proposal video, capturing their love story, was made available on her YouTube channel (Veekee James), inviting viewers to share in their joyous moments.

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, James fervently showered prayers upon Femi, ensuring that their love remained unshakeable amidst external influences. “For years I have been asking you for a perfect man, and I have been very specific about the kind of man/partner I want to spend the rest of my life with,” she shared, invoking blessings upon her husband-to-be.

“Oh Lord, I decree and declare upon Femi, my husband-to-be, I pray that today will mark the day of doors opening, miracles unveiling. I pray from today, God’s plan for you will begin to unfold. When they describe you, they wouldn’t describe you as Veekee’s husband, they will identify you as you cause you will carry fire yourself.”

With unwavering conviction, she affirmed, “No social media influence, friends, or family members will come in between this love that we share IJN” (In Jesus’ Name). The declaration echoed the depth of their commitment, reaffirming their bond in the face of the world.”

See Veekee James’ boyfriend’s photos below

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