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What You Should Do After Unprotected S£x To Prevent Pregnancy

How to prevent unwanted pregnancy


Well, Contrary to widely held beliefs out there, drinking salt and water will not prevent pregnancy. The salt water solution has no effect whatsoever on your reproductive organs. Want to know what it has an effect on? Your heart, Your kidneys, Your liver.

Salt and water is not a drug, therefore it is unable to bind itself to a target receptor unlike drugs. Receptors receive and transmit signal. Receptors aid the dispersion of drugs to the site in the body where it’s needed.

Moreso, pregnancy does not occur in the stomach. Salt doesn’t do anything for or against fertility, nor is it a contraceptive.

Ampiclox will not prevent pregnancy. It is an antibiotic largely meant for bacteria. Sperm is not a bacteria.

Ampiclox is used in the treatment of a variety of infections due to susceptible organisms
Beecham Amplicox or any other brand of Ampiclox should never be used for the prevention of pregnancy, abortion or flushing out sperm from the vagina because they do not work for that purpose. Learning how to use Ampliclox to prevent pregnancy is also a waste of time. Misusing antibiotics can lead to resistant bacteria (bacteria that are harder to treat).

Don’t listen to anyone that asks you to block your vagina with cotton wool.

Standing up immediately after sex or jumping up and down like a kangaroo will not prevent pregnancy. Even if you jump on a trampoline it won’t prevent pregnancy. While some amount of sperm may exit your vagina after sex, It is important to note that this “escape” will not prevent pregnancy. If you believe otherwise, then you’re more likely to believe that horses can fly!

Douching your vagina with water after sex will not prevent pregnancy. If it were that easy, there would be a lot fewer unplanned pregnancies. Douching just washes the semen further up into the vagina. It is true that sperm may die from hypo osmotic swelling or osmotic shock in fresh water, but enough of them will survive to still make pregnancy possible. The super swimmers. 🤓

Also, sperm cells move fast. It takes some of them only 10 minutes or less to travel all the way to the fallopian tube. Therefore, by the time you use water, some sperm cells will already be going through the cervical mucus or will be in the uterus where the water cannot reach. Never count on the shower to protect against unwanted conception.

Drinking gallons of water after sex will not prevent pregnancy. Whether it’s hot or cold. Many people believe drinking cold or hot water after sex will kill the sperm by either freezing them or burning them out. This is very untrue. Cold water will fail you when used as contraception. Hot water will fail you when you depend on it for contraception. Even when you add salt to the water, it will still fail you.

“I don’t need contraception because we only have sex during the “safe” time.“ Myths such as these most likely arise from a lack of understanding of the menstrual cycle. While a woman’s cycle is more or less regular at most times, this balance of hormones can be disrupted by various factors, including age, stress and medicines. Therefore, predicting the time of ovulation and predicting any “safe” days can be difficult. Couples who have success with the rhythm method of contraception must carefully monitor the women’s menstrual cycles and evaluate symptoms of ovulation, as well as any external factors.

Before you brag about your withdrawal game, be sure to rule out INFERTILITY and IMPOTENCY.

There are more effective and reliable contraceptive methods and they majorly include contraceptive pills or quality condoms. EMPHASIS ON QUALITY CONDOMS.

Note: Contraceptive pills are not abortion pills. Contraceptive pills will not prevent you from STDs. The latex condom used to cover a penis gives the best protection from most STDs.

Other types of combined estrogen and progestin hormonal contraception include the patch, the implant, IUDs, Injections, the vaginal ring etc.

Contraceptives do not fail when done correctly or used appropriately. Condoms do not fail when it is of great quality and worn correctly.

Also, in the case of protection against STDs, while using condoms is necessary, PrEP drugs are also recommended.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) is a medicine taken to prevent HIV. PrEP is highly effective for preventing HIV when taken as prescribed.


Author: Enahoro Sephora

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