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Why Couples Must Touch Each Other Often



Wait, wait fess, I know your corrupt mind thinks I am here to preach to you to have s.e.x with your spouse.

No. Not at all.

This is entirely different from sex.

Today, I am here to preach to you to remember to touch the body or rub the skin of your spouse as often as possible.

Let me tell you why.

Before I got married to my Mr Eze, I was dating a medical doctor.

We used to spend a lot of time talking and learning from each other.

He always shared how much shock he experienced from examining the body of married women.

He has way too many experiences of married women who would react like electric shock touched them whenever his hand landed on their body during medical physical examination.

In one particular case, the husband and wife walked into his office, the wife was heavily pregnant. He took her into that covered area of his office, asked her to lie down so he could examine her.

Immediately he touched her, she grabbed his hand and begged him to just hold still for a while, so she could enjoy the touch.

He froze.

Her husband was in the room. What sort of drama is this ooo?

Guess what? He didn’t even touch her private part. His hands barely touched her laps as he was trying to help her stay properly so he would examine her.

She was dying from lack of touch.

Once his hand hit her skin, electric vibes spread accross her body because she was starving from a lack of touch.

I remember how he had to find a way to invite the man alone and speak to him.

This was not his only case. There were many many many more.

He often taught me how sad he was about how detached married people were to each other.

Familiar strangers, he would call them.

Strangers living in one house.

No, they aren’t quarreling o. But they have gradually built a cold wall, that slightly separated them rather unconsciously.

Dear married people, asides from s.e.x, please I beg you, touch each other’s skin as often as you can.

Rub his/her head.

Massage his/her shoulder.

Rub his/her chest.

Grab his/her hand and rub kindly as you speak.

Hold hands while sitting in church, or walking or talking at home, or whenever.

Hug each other before going out and grab some current while hugging.

Lift up his/her feet while talking and rub.

Please break down that cold wall that is building up gradually.

Just feel the skin of your spouse kindly as often as you can.

Not just because electric shock and konji are very real.

Not just because ‘umu-aka highway’ will collect your spouse.


I am saying this because your touch is very powerful.

Your touch can heal a sad day.

Your touch can ease the burden of traffic.

Your touch can be a sign of reassurance of your love.

Your touch can scream loudly, “I am always here for you”.

Your touch can set a good day ahead for your spouse.

Your touch is soooo powerful.

Please touch, rub, touch, rub your spouse.

Na beg I dey beg you.

I love you!

Written by Chioma Eze


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