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Why Did Mercy Chinwo Unfollow Eezee Tee, Chidinma , And Now GUC? Find Out!


The Nigerian gospel music scene has been abuzz this week with the news of the unfollowing drama between two of its popular stars, Mercy Chinwo and Gift Ugochi Christopher, who is professionally known as Minister GUC. It has been reported that the duo, who were previously known to be close friends, have unfollowed each other on Instagram, which has caused quite a stir among their fans and followers.

As of March 28, 2023, a check on their individual Instagram pages revealed that both Mercy Chinwo and Minister GUC have unfollowed each other on the platform, leaving their followers speculating about the reason behind the sudden move. Prior to this development, the two gospel singers had been known to support each other, with Minister GUC promoting Mercy Chinwo’s new projects and vice versa. They had even performed at each other’s weddings and collaborated on events together.

The unexpected development has elicited mixed reactions from their fans and followers. While some have questioned the duo for preaching the gospel of love and unity, yet keeping malice, others have come to their defense, stating that they are human and bound to have misunderstandings.

It is worth noting that unfollowing each other on social media is not an uncommon phenomenon in the entertainment industry. However, none of them has made an official statement or in any way state the reason they are in following each other, and it is unclear whether it is a temporary or permanent move.

Regardless of the reason behind their unfollowing, it is important to remember that celebrities are also human and subject to the same emotions and conflicts that affect everyone. As public figures, they are often subjected to scrutiny, and their every move is closely monitored.

It is not uncommon for conflicts and dramas to arise in the music industry, and the recent unfollowing drama between Mercy Chinwo and Minister GUC is just one of many examples. Naira Diary, a media outlet covering Nigerian entertainment, notes that such incidents have occurred in the past, citing examples such as the Don Jazzy and Dbanj split, Kiss Daniel’s legal battle with his former label, and the P Square brothers’ feud.

Interestingly, Naira Diary also points out that this recent unfollowing drama is not the first time Mercy Chinwo has unfollowed people on social media. In November 2022, she reportedly unfollowed her former record label boss, Eezee Tee, and fellow label mate, Chidinma. The reason for this move remains unknown, but it indicates that there may be underlying issues that could have led to her recent unfollowing of Minister GUC.

The question still is, Why is Mercy Chinwo I’m following them?

And is Mercy Chinwo no longer with Eezee Tee?

The reason why Mercy Chinwo unfollowed Eezee Tee, Chidinma, and now GUC is not clear, but some speculations have been made.

How did they get here? Follow us.

Firstly, it is important to note that Mercy Chinwo signed a record deal with Eezee Conceptz in 2017, which is owned by Ezekiel Onyedikachukwu Thankgod. Through the label, Mercy released her debut studio album, “The Cross: My Gaze,” in February 2018, which had 16 tracks.

Eezee Tee, the CEO of Eezee Conceptz, has been instrumental in Mercy Chinwo’s success. He gifted her a Lexus car on her birthday in September 2019, and through the label, she has established herself as one of the biggest gospel artists in Africa, winning multiple awards and topping charts.

However, the relationship between Mercy Chinwo and Eezee Conceptz appears to have soured in October/November 2022, when Mercy unfollowed Eezee Tee and Chidinma on Instagram. The reason for this move is not clear, but it may be related to Mercy’s wedding marriage which also influenced her decision not to renew her record deal with Eezee Concept and clearly the reason why she is no longer with Eezee Tee.

During the wedding, they were speculations but it was well managed. Eezee Tee and the artists on the label managed to attend the wedding. A few days after the wedding, their fight became obvious. And it’s been like a cold war since as they used every opportunity to attack each other online

See how Mercy Chinwo, Eezee Tee, and GUC have been attacking each other on Instagram directly and indirectly.

In October 2023, Mercy Chinwo shared a cryptic message saying, “God protect us from people who are being strategic with us while we are being genuine with them.”

Reacting in the comment section of her post, fellow gospel singer Joe Praize wrote: “May our genuineness keep destroying their being ‘strategic’ in Jesus name.”

Chioma Jesus added: “Amen. Where is the lie? Nothing truer. Words on marble.”

This suggests that Mummy Chioma and Joe Praize are aware of what’s happening and they are behind Mercy.

Meanwhile, here’s Eezee Tee’s post which was more like a reply to Mercy Chinwo’s post. GUC did not only comment just like Joe Praize and Chioma Jesus, he reposted it.

Eezee Tee has deleted the post but we saved waiting for a day like this. Lol.

Similarly, GUC dropped a post same time which we think was for Mercy Chinwo.

With these, we can say that Mercy Chinwo feels Eezee Tee and maybe GUC are being strategic with her while she’s genuinely a friend. We won’t also be wrong if we say that Eezee Tee feels that Mercy Chinwo is ungrateful having groomed and helped her establish herself as an artist. For Mercy Chinwo to have rejected a new deal is her decision and she knows better.

In conclusion, the reasons for Mercy Chinwo’s unfollowing of Eezee Tee, Chidinma, and Minister GUC are not clear. It is important to note that conflicts and dramas can arise in any relationship, including those in the music industry. As fans, we should support our favorite artists and hope that they can resolve their issues and continue to create beautiful music that touches our souls.

Despite these conflicts, as Christians, it is important for Mercy Chinwo and Minister GUC to settle their differences and move on peacefully. Naira Diary hopes that they can resolve their issues amicably and not end up like secular artists who often resort to fighting dirty on social media and ending up in court.


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