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Why You Shouldn’t Marry A Lady That Posts Her Yansh And Breast On Social Media


If you open your two big eyes to go and marry someone that posts her yansh and breast on social media, then I do not feel a simple form of remorse for you. Anything your eye see inside the marriage, take am like that.

If she cheats on you, be a man and chest it. Someone that has publicly advertised her yansh and breast cannot be faithful. The idea behind advertisement is to increase revenue. You cannot see a Coca Cola advert and want to be the sole customer of Coca Cola. Don’t you have conscience? What of the other people that saw it? That’s not how business works.

Before when I make posts like this, you will see imbeciles and half brain dead people with mucus inside their skulls coming to name their examples of women that post breast and yansh on the internet and how they have successful marriages. Their favorite examples used to be Jane Mena and Korra Obidi, but as time would have it; these two women have been exposed as serial cheats in the past 1 year, so let’s wait for their new role models.

Women want a world where they can live without the consequences of their actions and it’s always funny.

You want to be twerking on Facebook and expect a King to settle down with you. God forbid. It will not be their portion.

Na drug dealers and yahoo boys be una portion. Not my Kings.

Written by Brian Dennis


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