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You probably think Obi Cubana wasted money on his Mum’s burial but you are wrong. Here’s why!


You probably think Obi Cubana wasted money on his Mum’s burial but you might be wrong.

I think it was a smart investment and here is why….

Talk of someone who made Wizkid’s birthday insignificant, shutdown Anambra state and turned his mother’s burial into a carnival with heavyweights in business, politics and entertainment in attendance, and ended the show with historic giveaways of 1 million each to 46 youths in his community, then you are talking about no one but Obi Cubana.

While some are asking how he’s making his money, others are saying that someone who makes money genuinely cannot spend the way he does. Still, some people on the streets of Nigerian social media think there are better ways to spend money than showing off unnecessarily.

Well, Henshaw Jacobson thinks his mum’s burial was a smart investment and here is why:

Network & Social capital

If you are reading this, chances are you have come across the phrase “your network is your net worth“ over a thousand times. And if you agree that your network is your net worth, then using his mum burial to enlarge his network and boost his social capital was a smart investment.

In business, sometimes access to a network of people who can pay for your premium offers or luxury products and recommend others In their circle to patronize you is all the marketing you need.

This is one of the reasons people join social clubs, move to expensive neighbourhoods, send their kids to big schools, attend premium events, etc.

Rich kids attend big schools and meet other rich kids, become friends with them, become business partners, customers and get married to fellow rich kids and the circle continues while others think they are wasting money by living in expensive areas or sending their kids to big schools.

Obi Franklin said that he has been trying to connect with one billionaire for years but at the burial, he was seated with some billionaires and when the man came in, he walked to greet those billionaires and when he saw him he said “hi, Obi“ and that was all he needed to strike a conversation and exchange contacts.

Personally, the reason many events are not high on my list of to-do-things is either lack of social value, the opportunity cost of putting up an appearance or my readiness to engage with the kind of audience at those events.

But you can see the two Obis and are smart- socially smart.

Brand visibility and awareness

Before his mum’s burial, many did not know the face behind the Cubana brand. Most people didn’t even know there was a brand like Cubana, but now, he has not only put a face to the Cubana brand but has increased visibility and brand awareness for his personal and cooperate brands.

The cost of PR and publicity he has gained for free is 100X higher than the amount he spent to do the burial. Not to mention the financial supports he got from friends which I think will cover whatever is spent. His Instagram page has seen exponential growth and now he’s among Nigerians with million-plus followers.

This is business!

If you want to be in the news, do something that will put you in the news.

He Made A Statement

Obi used the burial to make a bold statement, put his community on the map and now everyone has no option but to put some respect on his name and his community.

There’s a new meaning to “young and rich” now.

There are levels to these things.
Sapa 😭

My next article is on branding lessons from him and you don’t want to miss it.

Goals achieved, the success recorded.

Reports say he promised his mom a big 80th birthday party. Unfortunately, the woman did not live to 80. To still fulfil his promise, a carnival-like burial became eminent.

I was going through his page before writing this and I think he has achieved his goal(s).

This might not be what success looks like for you. But, of course, success is relative, and you should focus on your focus.

In conclusion…..

Focus on your goals and progress and don’t be pressured!

And Judge your progress only by the achievement of your goals, not by how far others have come.

“If you plan to score a ‘B’ in a subject you have always failed, it doesn’t matter if others get an ‘F’, your metric for judging your success should be what you set out to get. If you scored a ‘B’ and everyone else scored an ‘A’, you achieved your goal. Society may think otherwise but you know in your heart you achieved your goal.“

Other people’s achievement shows us what is possible, not necessarily what we must achieve.

We are building Naira Diary to tell Nigerian stories and amplify stories told by Nigerians while keeping everyone informed, entertained and educated, and so far it’s a success.

We recently opened a new Facebook page only for stories and our goal was to reach 10k followers before the end of the month and right now we are few followers away from 10k on the new page. That’s a success is for us!

Focus on your own goals!
Know what success means to you at your level and work to achieve it.

Also, learn to invest in your network and constantly enlarge your social capital.

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