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10 Chart-Topping Songs Released By Gov Wike With His Band In 2022 


Governor Nyesom Wike, the Rivers State the governor was the Obio Akpor LGA chairman between 2002-2009. Following is giant strike development in Abio Akpo, his influence grew and couple with his friendship with then governor, Chibuike Ameachi, he was appointed chief of staff in Amaechi’s government. He served as the chief of staff between 2007-2011. And was nominated to be the minister of education in under Jonathan.

During his time as a minister, he established a close relationship with then first Lady, Patience Goodluck Jonathan and was greatly loved by both Jonathan and his wife. And through their supports, he won the PDP governorship primarily and eventually became the governor of Rivers State in 2015. He finished his first tenure, contested second bid and won despite stiff oppositions.

But Gov Wike is not your regular governor- he’s arguably the most entertaining governor in Nigeria at the moment. He dances, sings and releases chart topping singles with his band with back to back vawulence.

Today, we are looking at the top 10 songs he’s released with his band this year so far.

1. Moral

This song talks about Gov Wike’s boldness and how nobody is as bold as Governor Nyesom Wike.This is not hype though. If you are talking about Nigerian politicians in 2022 who are bold and you don’t mention Gov Wike, it’s possible you have lived under the rock all you life and you probably just made your way to our world today.
There are more than 99 things that speak of Wike’s boldness as a politician, even if you don’t agree with all his political actions and utterances, you will at least agree that Gov Wike is bold .

2. Biggie Man
If you have lived in Port Harcourt for at least one week, chances are you have heard how people especially boys call other men ‘Senior Man’.They call you Senior Man as sign of respect or just to hail you and bill you depending on the situation.
Though Senior Man might mean different things for different people in Port Harcourt. In some quarters, it’s a title for those who have served their community meritoriously.
Whatever the case may be, this song tells you that Wike is a big man and it’s a fact.

3. Pepper Dem
This song goes like, Nyesom Wike pepper dem o, pepper dem o. Nyerishi pepper dem o, oya pepper dem o.
Though we cannot tell if it’s Cameroon pepper or Ikwerre pepper, however, we know it’s about making life tough for his enemies. Wike himself has said many times that his core business for his opponents is to give them high blood pressure. He uses every opportunity to show them shege and his band had to do song and call ‘Pepper dem’.

4. Bone Face

I can imagine the mood and tone of the writer of this great song for Gov Wike’s band. The song simply tells you there is no need to vex or carry face for Wike because is he a winner.Its a roundablout way of saying, if you like vex, e no concern Wike, he still winning. Lol
And of course, as the governor who controls the state assembly to a very large extend, you cannot impeach him, you can’t do anything except talk and talk. And Wike no send you, instead he will tell you to go hug a transformer. Lol

5. Face Me, I Face you
This one tells you that Nyesom Wike is not a coward, that if you want fire, you will get hell.You give him shege, he gives you double shege.In his words to Adam Ashiomolhe, “you do me, I do you”.

6. As E dey pain dem, e go dey sweet us

This one even Mercy Chinwo’s husband and Banky W had to do it when they came for their wedding. This is perhaps everybody’s favorite song by Wike and his band. Many think this song deserves a Grammy nomination.
Here, Wike tells you that his success is giving his opponents sleepless nights and that as they are in pains, he’s getting premium joy.

If you Dont know this song, you probably wont get anything we are saying here. 

This song would have gotten millions of streams if it was on streaming platforms but unfortunately it’s only streamed at project commissioning events.

7. Shame Shame
Wike and his band use this to laugh at his enemies.Simple and direct !

8. Follow who know Road

This songs reminds everyone that Gov Wike is a political juggernaut. The only time he lost a political battle known by the public was the PDP presidential primary which Atiku won.
The lyrics ‘follow who know road’ means Wike understand politics and he’s the one someone who wants to learn and grow politically should follow.It’s a great song by all standards.

9. Iye’ n’de ba iye’ n’de ba

This is an Ekerre language and it’s means if you do for me, I do for you.
Wike uses this song to tell his colleagues that life is reciprocal and that he supports those who support him. Simple!

10. Agreement is agreement

This one is the “Ayu must-go” campaign song.Wike and his G5 governors want the current national chairman of PDP to go. According to them, Ayu agreed that if the presidential aspirant is from the North, he will resign. The election comes in three months times and Ayu remains the party chairman Gov Wike and his gang are not happy.

We should expect an album or an EP from them soon. Meanwhile, watch some of the songs below

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