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10 Points From Pst Mathew Ashimolowo’s Message At COZA 12 Days Of Glory 2021


Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo who was a speaker at COZA 12 Days of Glory 2021 is a combination of an anointed Pastor, inspiriting teacher, gifted author, dynamic leader and successful businessman.
He is the Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) and his life is proof that God is a maker of men with a special gift to unravel mysteries for kingdom success from the Word of God.

He had three sessions during the COZA 12 Days Of Glory 2021.

First Session – Covenant Day Of Global Impact

Covenant Day Of Global Impact on youtube

Second Session – A syndicate Session with Pst Mathew & PB

Syndicate Session on YouTube

Third Session – Covenant Day Of Wealth

I want to focus on the third one. Personally, I have never heard anything like that before. Though I have heard him preach severally as he’s a regular guest at COZA. But this one was the real definition of “e shock you?”.

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After his ministration, PB said that anyone who was not blessed by his ministration had a choice but decided not to be blessed and I agree with him.

I will share my personal testimonies later, but for now let me share the 10 points I got from the message.

1. Before harvest, there must be a seed.
2. Sow your seed and water it with the word of your mouth.
3. When bad seed is sown, bad harvest follows. And when good seed is sown, good harvest follows.

4. There are two types of people: eaters and sowers. Eaters always end up broke, sowers on the other hand always have enough.
5. Find the right soil for your seed- the quality of your soil determines your harvest.

6. Stay where God plants you and sow your seed there.
7. Some soils are blessed, some are coursed.
8. Not everyone deserves your money, don’t sow everywhere.
9. Seed speaks. And the covenant a believer has with God is the basis of his blessings.

10. God rewards according to your seed ( 2 Corinthians 9:6)

To get the full message, watch the video below and visit the COZA Global Youtube Channel for more.

Covenant Day Of Wealth with Pst Mathew


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