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10 Reasons You Must Publish Stories On Blogs About Your Business, Company And Events


Here are the 10 Reasons You Must Publish Stories On Blogs About Your Business, Company And Events

1. Search Engine

I want to start by saying that if you cannot be found on search engines like Google in 2022, you simply do you not exist . You will agree with me that when people are looking to solve a problem, they go to places like YouTube or Quora. When they are doing a research, they head straight to their favorite search engine, for me it’s Google.
 If this is true, think about the thousands of people that have searched for your services, products or even your brand to verify you but didn’t find you. Of course, you know you have been losing businesses.
However, when you published an SEO optimized content on a blog about your  company, you don’t have to worry about this. This is one way you can win your marketing battle in 2022.

2. Traffic And Sales

I cannot explain the concept of traffic in a simple post here. However, traffic here means people visiting your website, your physical store or your social media channels depending on where the traffic is directed to.
Some times, to make sales , to grow your followers or your WhatsApp contacts, all you need is traffic and you can get this through blogging .
We have a partnership article on Naira Diary on wedding and pre-wedding photography , not less than 300 people click and read that article everyday even though it was published since last year. Imagine 5% of that traffic to your landing page as a photographer, you will get steady clients even if you just started yesterday. Sadly you probably have not thought about this. Maybe I should also write on ways you can partner with a blog to promote your business.

3. Brand Credibility
Getting your stories published by a reputable media brand is a credibility booster. I don’t need to stress this.

4. Boosts your domain authority

This is quite technical. The simple way to explain this is say you are an upcoming artist or skit maker and Don Jazzy posts your content on his Instagram page and tag you at the same time mention that you are good. It’s the same effect when a big blog posts about you and mention your name or website ( give you Backlink) . It works like magic. Can boost your domain authority by 95% .

5. Bragging Right & Validation

Just as we said that NDI Awards press releases have been published by over 100 blogs including Tech Economy, Business Day , The Nation , Etc. You can as well say that your content has been published by BBC , CNN , New Yorker , Washington Post, Naira Diary or Bella Naija. You are not only bragging but it put you above your peers and people can verify it.

6. Social Media Verification

These days, the blue tick that shows one is verified seems to be a goal for a lot of people. However, little do they know that their stories and mentions on blogs and media website besides searches contribute to why their verification application is either accepted or rejected most times.
Truth is, with a search and PR campaigns, you can get verified in few weeks even if you have less than 10k followers. E shock you? 

7. Wikipedia

If you a progressive entrepreneur, chances are you are not just thinking about getting verified on Facebook but also by Twitter, Instagram, others- Wikipedia being the ultimate.
Your Wiki page will simply be empty without stories published on blogs about you.
And until you have have a verified Wikipedia page, you are still not big online. No, you are not yet .

8. Fame & Popularity
The more bloggers write about you, the more popular you become. This is why people chase clout. It’s Simple !

9. More Money

Your traffic and popularity can be monetized in many ways and that’s a direct money into your account. There are more than ten ways to make money from this.

10. Documentation & Storytelling

I just Dont understand it when people spend millions on events and nothing on blogs about it.
If you go to the embassy tomorrow and mention that you are the convener of the biggest youth empowerment conference in Africa or that you have helped one thousand youths gain employment through your foundation and they check your name online and nothing like that it’s linked to you, chances are they will conclude that you are liar and you know what that’s means .
I believe the best way to document your event or tell your brand stories is to partner with media blogs to do it for you.
At my level right now, I can boldly tell anybody to Google Henshaw Jacobson knowing I have done my homework. This should be the same for your personal brand and business.

Bonus : PR

I can write a blog post everyday on PR but not today. I will do a separate post on PR before the end of the month. Until then, get a blog as media partner for your project or add a blogger to your team. And I’m not talking about Facebook or Twitter influencers, I mean blogs with search engine value like Naira Diary.

Action Points :
> Take a minute now and google yourself.

> Ask three people to google your name and send you the screenshots

> Do the same for your business and all your brands

Have any question? Ask in the comments section below.
Also, do well to reach out to me if you Dont know how to get started and I will be glad to help as long as you will pay.
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