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Top 10 Things Single Men Must Not Do In Relationships – Brian Dennis 


Here are the Top 10 Things Single Men Must Not Do In Relationships according to Brian Dennis

As usual, please this post is for men. That is male species with penis. It is not for women. I don’t expect women to agree. Keep your disagreements to yourself. The people that the post is for are allowed to agree or disagree. 

1. Do not go into long term projects with a woman you have not married. Projects like starting a business, moving abroad together, etc

– If there’s a break up, it would affect the psychology of the project and you would stop halfway. You’d lose. 

Avoid doing business with your partners as much as you can unless you are married.

2. She is your girlfriend not your wife. 

No matter how much you think you love her, there is a 50 percent chance that you will not end up married. 

Do not undertake financial responsibilities or give gifts that you will regret if she leaves you.

3. Following from the previous, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. 

Do not accept gifts and money that you cannot afford from your girlfriend and please do not take loans from them, 

If the relationship goes sour, most women will demand for refunds, and you will be required to refund. 

Pray for the best but expect the worst.

4. Do not move in with your woman. 

No matter how much you think she loves you, it is better for you to live under the bridge than to move into a house where the rent is paid by your woman. 

You will lose your respect in tiny bits until there’s nothing left. 

She is your girlfriend not your wife.

5. You are enough. The moment you become uncomfortable with your woman’s friendship with another man, confront it openly. 

She will most likely blackmail you into guilt by calling you insecure but she’s the one who made you insecure. 

Confront it, challenge it. You must never compete. If you have to, LEAVE.

6. Do not forgive infidelity from your woman. 

If you catch her cheating, leave. 

You will think you have forgiven but you have not forgotten and you will never forget. 

That relationship will not lead to marriage anymore. If you go ahead and marry her, you will ruin both your lives because you will keep reminding her that she cheated. There’s no point. Leave.

7. Your girl’s friends and family are not your friends and family. 

Do not over indulge them. 

Keep your distance and do not over communicate with them.

Overfamiliarity breeds contempt.

8. Learn to apologise immediately. 

We are not perfect. We can say wrong words and do wrong things to our partners even when we didn’t mean to. 

Immediately you sense discomfort and disapproval, apologize properly and seek forgiveness. 

Do not wait to be confronted before you apologize.

9. Set your rules and stand by them. Do not be flexible. 

What is wrong today will be wrong tomorrow.

Women don’t like weak men. No matter how much she blackmails you into changing your mind about something, she will appreciate you better in the long run if you don’t.

10. Finally, she is not your wife. You are not her father. 

Don’t expect her to put you first the same way you shouldn’t put her first until you are married. 

A word is enough. 

Goodluck Gentlemen.

Brian Dennis 


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