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3 Things That Businesses And Individuals Must Do In Response To The COVID- 19 Economic Crisis


Many of us started 2020 with our goals set out, plans and strategies laid out to achieve our goals for the year. Unfortunately, Coronavirus came and changed everything. Now, we are not sure if things are ever going to return how it was before.

With this, many are not clear about the next line of action. So I decided to write and publish on the three things I think every business and individual must do in response to the Coronavirus health and economics crisis.

1. Digitize

I remember saying in one of my social media posts that Jesus Christ would be a social media influencer if he was alive today; the reason being that the souls he came to save were on the streets then, but today, they are on social media. Some persons reacted with contradictions saying things like, “how would Jesus join the world?”  ( I don’t know what made them see social media as evil).
Also, for years, I have been a digital evangelist encouraging every business to go online, digitize their processes and position for global relevance.
Today, we all have seen that going digital is no longer an option, but a must as it’s the best way to survive in times like this.
Needless to say that digital marketing remains the best marketing strategy the world has ever seen, and it only makes sense to embrace it.
It’s 2020, you either digitize or go extinct.

2. Diversify

If you are reading this, chances are you have heard about the word diversification over a thousand times. 
From successful entrepreneurs encouraging us to have up to four sources of income to inundated promotional messages from network marketers telling us to leverage on their system to diversify our income. Sadly, we only gave them deaf ears.
Personally, the idea didn’t make sense to me until reading THE ART OF THE STRATEGIST by William A. Cohen, where he talks about “multiple, simultaneous alternatives” as a strategy for winning as a leader.Today, I don’t embark on any project without plan A, B, C and D. I don’t use a single marketing strategy and I cannot depend on a source of income. Simply put, this has been my winning strategy for the past six months.

You have got to diversify. The coronavirus pandemic crushed ten major industries and every other industry has been affected. There is nothing like job security anymore.
But the good news is that starting and growing a business has been democratized, all you need is an idea, a device with an internet connection to get started. And with my book coming out next month – The Six-Figure Online Business Guide, you have everything you need to start and grow a business leveraging on digital technology.

3. Productize

Are you a service provider? Have you thought about packaging your service as a digital product?  Well, if you haven’t, now it’s time to consider it.
Your Customer doesn’t need to meet you physically, and everything can be automated. 
You can create an online course for almost any service you are selling.
I’m currently recording a course on Facebook and Instagram advertising. I will do the same on Google ad, Youtube ad, Linkedin ad, web design, digital asset management, content marketing and all our services.
What this means is that I can promote my courses and sell them online and will be making money while sleeping.
You too can do it.

Meanwhile, you can pre-order my book, The Six-Figure Online Business Guide(how to start a grow a profitable online business without quitting your day job)

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