If I hold a football in my hands, it may worth about N10,000 in value. But if Lionel Messi holds the same ball, it’s worth millions of dollars. If I hold a Tennis racket, ordinarily it may worth some thousands of naira. But if Serena Williams or Roger Federer holds the same racket, it worth some millions of dollars. 
Michael Jackson was not the founder of the back slides dance or moonwalk. He saw some unpopular street dancers doing it and paid them to teach him. After many hours and days of rigorous training, he got it and took that dance to the 25th anniversary of Motown Record to present his first major solo “Billie Jean”. From that day, his fame went abroad. 

A rod in my hands may do nothing than to kill a snake but that same rod if placed in the hands of Moses will open the red sea. I may use a catapult to kill some birds but the same catapult in David’s hand will bring down a Goliath. 
My dear reader, your tool and weapon of MASTERY is not with me nor your mentor or teacher or biological father; it’s IN YOU. It’s in your hands. God gave gifts to men. What may be nothing to me, the same may be your launching pad and sustainable competitive advantage. 
Run your race and let me run mine. Shine your shine and let me shine mine. Bury not your talent. Don’t give up on your dreams. Fan your gifts to a flame. Convert your talents to skills. Learn at the feet of your masters; then you will gain MASTERY. 
Provers:30:18-19 says “There are three things which are mysterious to me; yes four which I know nothing about. The way of an eagle in the air; the way if a snake on the rock; the way of a ship in the midst of the sea and way of a man with a damsel. 

When the lion wakes up in the jungle, his prayer is but one: “God, thanks for waking me up. Just show me the animal I will kill. Please don’t help and don’t help the animal. Just leave the two of us.” 
Giraffe is the tallest. The elephant is the heaviest. Cheetah is the fastest. The snake is the cunniest. The lion does not need all these qualities but he is the boldest who sits as the king of the wild. He is the strongest of all animals and he does not run from anybody.
You may not be the most qualified but please look inward and build your strength on your core essence. Never go to war as a David in Saul’s armor. What you fear is also afraid of you. Where you are going is also looking for you. What you admire, admires you too. But the missing link is until you become the best version of yourself as heaven has written of you; your struggle continues. 
Build capacity. Enhance your capabilities. Build strong networks. Let your mind be sharp. Let your spirit be ignited. Sow dangerous seeds. Buy and read books. Be mentally tough. Stay focused. And one day you will see yourself in the hall of fame ranked amongst the men who came, who saw and conquered. 

JFK Abiona.


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