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Faith Yira Ibe: An Icon Of Tough Love -Big Brother


I see you in my earliest consciousness, pinning floral lace-trimmed hankies on my school uniform, and wearing me matching earrings you managed to buy for me from the market money mummy gave you. Growing up, I was a reflection of your phasing passions. Martial arts, music, education, and so on. By age 9, you compelled me to learn songs and master lyrics by Faith Evans, Foxy Brown, Tony Braxton, Mary J. Blige, MC Hammer, Puff Daddy, Shakur and B.I.G…… I was abreast with their activities, who was in jail, who got killed, blah. You thought Queen Latifa was a rap goddess, I thought so too.
If I couldn’t read my own handwriting, made messy cancelations, did poorly in my assignments, detached the hard cover of my notebooks, came home dirty from school, stepped outside without slippers on, my tender hide would simmer with the steam of your displeasure. By the end of my primary 5, you made sure I could tackle any Pythagoras problem, using SOHCAHTOA. By force. Chai!
When you got born again, you took me along to church: Foundation Faith Church okilo road, Abuloma. You joined prayer band and follow-up departments, and moved heaven and earth so I could be allowed to join the adult choir. Your bulging biceps made your dances unusual, and we’d both stop dancing and hide our grins behind our palms, whenever our eyes met. You had to warn me to stop looking at you in church. Haha. You were 20, and I was 10.
I eventually got old and mature enough to have meaningful conversations with you, and you’d spend quality time with me when you visit home, to explore perspectives………..and threaten to wozz me slap, if e no favour you.
You cured EVERY SICKNESS by drinking and bathing hot water, and praying in tongues. Amazingly, it always worked. For me too. That one time……. Mda Bari eh! Somehow, this mirrors your general response to trouble. You have never been one to shy away, pet yourself, or be tardy with issues. The impressions you made on me are deep and lasting. Tough love isn’t always sweet, but very effective. And going by this, you loved me thoroughly.
You can’t imagine my joy, that we spent quality time together today. Sadly, we couldn’t do a picture. I love you so much, big bro, and pray for you fervently. All is well with you and yours, in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday Zinate Raphaels.


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