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SILVA- Episode Nine


Silva walked alongside Matthew to the cafeteria hoping to get something to eat. Matthew had done nothing more than trouble her for the past two hours about the essence of eating and gaining her strength back. After the torture, she had finally given in to his demands with a scowl on her face. It was insulting. She never gave in to anybody and here she was breaking that rule.

At least, it was for her own good, she thought as she continued walking. Matthew seemed to be telling her about something but she was not listening, instead she thought of her mother and how she was going to face her. She did not see anyone coming and so bumped into someone who seemed to be hurrying inside the hospital.

“I’m so sorry sir,” she replied, trying to gain her composure, inwardly feeling thankful that Matthew had held her. She was really weak. She looked up to see who it was and found brown stormy eyes staring back at her. He looked older and muscular and she could have sworn that she had seen him smirk at her but it had quickly been masked.

“It is okay dear,” the man replied, readjusting his suit and smiling back at her.
“Are you okay girl?” The man asked her and she found it unnerving. He seemed friendly but she would be a fool if she let that deceive her.
“Oh yes sir.. Once again, I am very sorry.”

Matthew was watching the whole conversation and frowned. He did not like this man at all. He was dangerous, of that he was certain and all Matthew wanted was for Silva to leave at once. When the man asked her how she was doing, Matthew realised that he needed to end the conversation and so he stepped in the way.

“She is okay. We will take our leave now. Thank you,” he said, guiding her away from the man.
“What did you do that for?” Silva asked him and tried pushing him off but he would not budge. “You were rude.”
“No, I wasn’t,” he said, face deadpanned.
“Where you jealous?”
“Let’s go and eat, Silva.”

She said her goodbye to her last patient and then proceeded towards her office. She was very tired and it had been a long and stressful day. All she wanted to do was go home and sleep. She tried unlocking the door with her key and found that the door was sightly open. Well that was strange, she thought. She knew that she had locked her door. With careful steps, she entered inside and looked for something heavy by the door corner.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Just be good and close the door quietly.”
She recognized that voice. The same voice that had made her compromise on her job.
“What are you doing here?” She asked, going to sit on her chair. “Your presence here, Sir, can be very dangerous. Emeka and I would be able to handle it, Sir.”
The man sneered at her. He hated the word, Sir. He only endured it with Silva. “Don’t you ever call me Sir again or else you would wish you had never met me.”

She stayed silent for awhile before she nodded.
“When do I get the rest of the money, Master?”
“When I am certain that you have finished the job, doctor.” Master stood up and signalled for Emeka to stay outside and watch out for intruders. After he was sure that his boy was gone, he held her hands tightly, his face forming a stoic expression and said, “If by any means, you try to play smart, I will make sure that you and everyone you love will die miserably.” He smiled, released her from his grip and left her office.

Master felt accomplished for that day. He had met Jude Okigbo’s daughter and he was sure his dear friend would be furious if he heard of this encounter. Better late than never, he thought, and chuckled to himself.


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