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Court Invalidates Passage of N800 Billion 2024 Budget by Rivers Assembly, Dealing Blow to Sim Fubara


Legal Showdown: Rivers State Budget Drama Unveiled by Justice Omotoso

In a recent courtroom spectacle, Justice James Omotoso of the Federal High Court in Abuja played the hero, delivering a verdict that shook the foundations of Rivers State politics. The stage was set on Monday as the judge nullified the presentation and passage of the 2024 budget by a group of four-member legislators loyal to Governor Siminialayi Fubara. The applause echoed through the legal corridors, and the victory dance belonged to none other than former governor Nyesom Wike’s loyalists.

In his ruling, Justice Omotoso, with a touch of legal finesse, ordered Fubara to take a step back and represent the budget to the legally constituted House of Assembly under the leadership of Speaker Martin Amaewhule. A game-changing move, leaving everyone wondering about the next move in this legal chess match.

“No withholding of House of Assembly funds allowed,” declared Justice Omotoso, stripping Governor Fubara of any constitutional power to do so. The courtroom drama continued with a stern message to Fubara – hands off the House of Assembly affairs. No frustrating, no interfering!

The judge didn’t stop there. He waved his metaphorical wand and deemed the redeployments by the Governor null and void. A bold move by Justice Omotoso to restore order. The Inspector General of Police was handed a directive: ensure top-notch security for Speaker Amaewhule and the legislators aligned with former Governor Nyesom Wike. Talk about a legal superhero move!

Breaking news flashed on the courtroom screens – the Clerk and Deputy Clerk are back in action! Justice Omotoso’s order? Resume office immediately and without any hurdles. It’s time for an office celebration!

And for the grand finale, a message to the National Assembly: hands off Rivers State House of Assembly business. No accepting requests from Governor Fubara. Justice Omotoso, the peacekeeper, has spoken.

Governor Fubara, the time has come to release those monies to Martin Amaewhule. Court’s orders, boss! The legal theatrics continue, and the blogosphere is buzzing with the latest chapter in Rivers State’s political saga. Stay tuned for more twists and turns in this friendly yet dramatic legal showdown! 🕵️‍♂️🎭


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