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Eva Praise Reveals How She Met  Marv C, Speaks On Her inspirations, Album Launch, Relationship With Mercy Chinwo, Next Songs, Love Life, And More

Naira Diary Session With Eva Praise


Naira Diary Session is a series on Naira Diary designed to promote personal and corporate brands through interviews and creative storytelling. 

It features personalities from different industries to tell their stories, answer questions, provide insights and share their ideas with the world. 

This episode features  Eve Praise, a gospel singer, songwriter, and recording artist signed under Northhill Music. 


Eva Praise is a talented Nigerian, Port Harcourt-based gospel music minister, singer and songwriter who got signed to Northhill Music Entertainment in 2019.

She is popularly known for her single “Natural love”,  a song that talks about the expression of God’s love and kindness towards man.


Other songs you will find on Eva Praise’s discography are Dominion, Onyeoma, Idi Ebube, Father, Natural Love, Miracle, You are good, The throne, Most High and the latest Sovereign God.

During the Instalive session hosted by Henshaw Jacobson live on Instagram,  Eva Praise shared how she started her music journey, Meeting Marv C, and joined Northhilll Entertainment, her inspiration, family, education, relationship, current, and future projects, and more.

You are welcome to Naira Diary Session with Eva Praise.

Who is Eva Praise?

Eva Praise is a brand that came into existence through the help of God. I’m saying it this way because I never saw myself going into music professionally, so it’s just God.

When did you start singing?

I was in the children and teen choir for years. I was born into a white garment church and almost every child in the teenage church was known to be in the children’s choir. I wasnt good , I was just there. And later we left the white garment church to a pentecostal church and i still joined the teen choir.

My mom was the one pushing me.  I wasn’t really into the music thing but my mom just wanted me to be in the children’s choir to be represented. It wasn’t too long before discovered I could do more. I started singing in 2006, and I was leading the teen choir since 2006. 

But i started singing officially in 2018..

When did you join Northill Music?  And how did you meet them?

In 2018,  i wanted to release my first song, so I sorted out a producer- someone that will take me like a sister and a friend, someone who will take me personally- not just a producer. I had closeness with Prinx Emmanuel, Dr Roy. We were about to start the job but I don’t know what happened we didn’t proceed as planned and that was how I ended up working with Marv C, the CEO  of Northill Music.

After the first song, he told me i could do more that he runs a record label and he wanted  me be part of  the label. That was how i met and joined them. In 2019 , nobody knew us but today we thank God for what is happening.

On your page, we noticed you have a new song coming up and you title it Biggi Sometin. What is the song about and what should we expect?

It’s a song from my life experiences . God has done alot for me especially this period. It’s  been from one good thing to another.

I was telling someone in church the other day that when i got admission i coudnt pay my acceptance fee . I got admission but couldn’t pay anything. To the glory of God today I’m a graduate. Not just a graduate with a second class but a good result. God has done something big for me.

Biggi Somtin came from a place of gratitud for what God has done for me. It’s  a song I’m putting out for people to use and rejoice for what God has done for them. The song will be out in November.

Congratulation on your graduation. Meanwhile, how were you able to cope with school and music and still finished with good result?

I’m from a family of three and i’m the first child and only daughter. I have two younger brothers.

Growing up, we were brought up to be very intelligence. I used my secondary school intelligence to manage university. I  took my university life as my secondary life. In my secondary days, I could read very well. I have thought about dropping out many times because most times I will have events where I’m to travel outside the state and I have lectures and sometimes a test.  I still have to manage my team , do rehearsal  , go for events and more. I had to pray to God for grace to manage everything. And thank God, He gave me so many good people that always  cover up for me. Many times people will give me their notes to copy and update me on everything i have missed. God just gave me people that aways support and cover up for me and help 

in one way or the other.

What inspires your music?

What inspires my misic is My family and my life. We had a very difficult childhood, difficult family. so many clashes, and so many hatred, my mom had to take care of us as a single mother. My mom told me there was graduate in her family. I’m the first graduate from my mom’s family to the glory of God.

In my fathers family, alot of issues, so many problems. My mom took care of us alone. If you listen to natural love you will know there’s more to the song. I use what i’m going through and the issues  in my family to put out my music. Just my life and famiy, that’s  what inspires my music.

You mentioned that you didn’t see yourself doing music. So, if not music, what would you be doing and what did you want to become growing up?

Two things I wanted to do when i was in secondary school.  I’m a very good actor and have been featured in two school movies. One is Elechi Amadi school movie. I have also been featured by Mark Angel in their movie series. I wanted to be an actor and and on air personality growing up, i love the radio work.  Those were the things i wanted to do before music came up.

Mercy Chioma seems to be your sister and more based on how you relate with her. What’s  your relationship with her like? And are we expecting a song together soon?

She is a role model. Severally i have been to places even without the berret and people will ask if we are sisters. Even at her traditional marriage someone was asking if I’m her sister and I kept quiet. It’s not a coincidence that i got to know her  or i got to be close to her.  My relationship with her is a mother-daughter relationship. She supports me, corrects me when I’m wrong, advises me, and gives me support and encouragement.

Expecting a song together, we are difinitely going to do something but not at the moment because we both have projects lined up.

Great. We can say she’s a mentor and more…

So who are the artists you admire and looking forward to work with beside Mercy Chinwo?

I admire Ada Ehi so much . I love her voice and her fashion. I also admire Sinach a lot and I’m looking forward to working with them. Also, I love Nathaniel Bassey.


Is Eva Praise single?

Eva praise is single but not search. I believe you get what i mean.

Apart from the new single coming up in November. What else should we expect between now and next year?

We are planning a live recording and a concert also in Port Harcourt. The date is  November 11th.

For next year, I will be hosting a concert/album launch next year. I  will be having a lot of music ministers come in for that. It’s  going  to be big and we are expecting big names my brother like Peterson. It should be in the middle of the year.

2023 election is almost here. What are your thoughts? My thought is that we are Obedients.

What message do you have for someone who might stumble upon this interview?

What message do you have for your fans and the general public?

I was on Wazobia FM the other day and I was asked the secrets to my success so far and I said it’s not because I know how to sing more than others but Consistency. When I started in 20218 people used to laugh at me and call my music rubbish but today the story is different.  Whatever you are doing, do it well and be consistent. I used Mr M & Revelation for a example, at some point was surprised they just came up. They were ding it consistently and now look at them. Consistency is key.

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