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Who Is Olumati Isaiah? His Political Ambition, Why He Switched To Labour Party, His Manifesto, And More


Naira Diary Session is a series on Naira Diary designed to promote personal and corporate brands. It features personalities from different industries to tell their stories, answer questions, provide insights and share their ideas with the world. Today’s episode features Mr. Olumati Isaiah also known as The Principal.

OLUMATI Isaiah is a young Nigerian committed to disrupting the political system in Nigeria to make life better for all Nigerians starting with his constituency. He’s the Labour Party candidate for Phalga constituency 1, Rivers State. Welcome to Naira Diary Session Olumati Isaiah.

Who is Olumati Isaiah?

My name is Olumati Isaiah, Principal , Mirus Empire and The Olumati Company.

I had my first degree in Geology from The University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. I have practiced as a management consultant and music business enthusiastfor the last 10 years.

I have spent the last years of my life serving as a management consultant, contributing to policy-making and human capacity building through workshops, seminars, and conferences. I am a trainer, conferencespeaker and writer.

What informed your decision to go into politics?

My drive in politics has been a long seated drive . That drive came in in 2004 when I decided to relocate from Lagos to Port Harcourt. Looking at the communities and the activities that have been going on in the area. I decided that we can be more. Being that I was coming from Lagos and the difference- there is such a difference between Lagos and Rivers State and more importantly Port Harcourt which is my base and hometown. I decided that there will be a time at some point that I will have to be in position to make decisions on behalf of my community and Rivers State and contribute my own quota to make sure that Rivers State become better.

You were in a another party before now and suddenly you switched to Labour Party. Why did you do that ?

My switch to Labour Party was based on integrity and empathy. The party presented a governorship candidate that does not agree with what I believe in and represent. I feel like that candidate is an injustice to the people of Rivers State. They are taking the people of Rives State for granted and I decided to leave the party as a proof that I take my people seriously.

What do you intend to do differently if elected ?

I’m looking back at what people who have been in office in the last four years have done. They have done nothing in terms of laws and policies and any form of administration except in the last few days, where they have become a tool for witch-hunting. What I intend to do is to bring the dividend of democracy to the people of my constituency. There are laws and policies that are not in existence and I’m looking at sponsoring bills and policies in that regard. On the side, I have my six cardinal points:

  • Youth Development
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Entertainment and Technology
  • Business and Employment
  • Security

Through this, I believe I can bring development and value to my people and not go back to the age where they just share rice and wrapper and bring nothing valuable to the people.

So why house of assembly and not other elective position? Why constituency ?

I’m going for house of assembly because a lot of critical decisions are made there as it affects the life of Rivers people and those that live in Rivers State.

Let’s Talk About Your manifesto

I was thinking and asking myself, how do I bring the dividend of democracy down to the doorstep of the common man? The truth is the common man might not appreciate laws and policies unless it touches the sectors that affect them directly. An example is a policy of street hawking and roadside selling which might affect their income directly. And all these decisions are supposed to come from the house of assembly. So I created what I call the 6 Cardinal Points as follows:

Youth Development

If our state and community will advance, then we must begin to consider succession planning now. We will contribute to youth development through skill acquisition, talent management, growth of the sporting industry, entertainment, and new businesses while also driving the inclusion of youths in politics.


The biggest conversations in these times remain ECONOMICS. While individuals attempt to create their economy through businesses, we owe it to the people, to enact and review the laws guiding business operations for ease and growth of these businesses.


To aid and foster a drive for education among the children and youths, knowing the futuristic implication on our community in the long run.

Policies And Laws

Policies and Law drive order, and regulates operations and engagements and encourages and positions our people to be better.


Entertainment is fast becoming one of our biggest exports in Nigeria. Knowing that Rivers State has a large mass of creative people in the entertainment space, in partnership with different arm and players across the world we seek to contribute to building a viable entertainment industry not just for our constituency but for Rivers State.

Every citizen has the right to health and access to health care facility. We will insist that priority is placed on standard and affordable health care and health care facilities within our communities.

Health Care

What message do you have for your people, the people of Phalga constituency 1?

The message I have for the people of phalga constituency 1 as always been my mantra- BE BRAVE WITH YOUR LIFE. The next election gives us the opportunity to rewrite our narrative. It allows us to look back and reflect on the life we have lived and the Rivers State that we desire. At this point in time, we need to be brave to take an opportunity with our life. We have to do away with voting for our bragging rights and begin to vote for for our human rights. To question again, the quality of people we put in office to and check their history and be able ascertain if they have what it takes to bring the dividend of democracy. I think it’s high time we look back and say to ourselves, we will no longer elect people into office who don’t have the credibility, spending four years in office collecting salaries and doing nothing.

I want the people to be brave with their lives. They have a credible son who is stepping out and willing to bring tremendous change. A son, who is not only talking about what he will do but also how he’s going to do it, to see that the constituency and Rivers State at large experience the best parts of their lives going forward.

How can the people support you?

Firstly, come out and vote for me that day. 

We need volunteers and we are looking at new members. Of course, it’s a stretch on our finances. So we are looking out for financial support .

You can send a mail or find me on social media @Olimati Isaiah


Email: contact@olumatiisaiah.com

Phone: 09082441445

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