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Evangelist Onee Zeh Explains The Different Types Of Penises And Viginas 


Onee Zeh was so generous to share her two cents on viginas, penises, and virginity and we can’t help but share. Reed and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Just like penises, vaginas come in different sizes. And just like how the penis size changes when erect, the size of the vagina also changes when aroused.

The vagina muscle is naturally elastic. A penis can’t permanently widen/losen it. When you go in, it expands to accommodate you, when you come out, it goes back to its normal size. Again, penises do not change the size of a vagina.

Some women’s vagina are wider/longer than others. Same way some men’s penises are longer/shorter, slimmer/fatter than others. It’s a natural thing. The same way ignorance makes a man use penis enlargement cream is the same way ignorance make a woman use vagina thightner.

If a vagina can deliver a baby human and still go back to its normal size, what then is a penis/ penises? Haven’t you heard of men who date or marry single mums for years without knowing? If a child’s head of about 35cm wide can’t make any obvious difference in the width of a vagina, what then is a penis of about 13cm ?

Different penises does not loosen/weaken the vagina muscle. No! If she’s too wide for you, you are too small. You both are wrong for each other. Find your type. Don’t come here yapping about how she’s ashawo for being wide.

The only difference between a virgin’s vagina and a non virgin is the hymen. And hymen varies. Some are thick, some are thin, and some don’t even exist-open. This is why virginity can be faked by a sexually experienced woman .

The main reason hymens exist in women’s body isn’t to know if a woman is a virgin or not. It’s to prevent dirts from entering the vagina as she grows.

We shall talk about this some other times

Yes, like every other muscle in the body, the vagina muscle weakens with age. Your firm grip on a child’s wrist when you are 25 will already lose a part if its firmness by 45. And the same way men’s penis becomes smaller and their sexual functions get weaker with age, women’s vagina get narrower and our sexual functions get weaker as well.

When you shame women for having sex and body count, you don’t do that because you think the vagina muscle could be lose. You do that out of the fear that she may know her onions and voice her dissatisfaction since she’s sexually experienced. Main reason men with Odogwu don’t bother. It’s always the hkkdkjfmdjjd.

In a bid to body-shame and sex-shame and vagina-shame women, men constantly ridicule the patriarchal belief that says their gender is the logical one. Read. Learn, unlearn, relearn.

Stop coming online to showcase your ignorance. Stopeeeet in Jesus mighty name.



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