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4 Ways To Know You Have An Infection As A Lady


Most times or often we feel discomfort down there and in two days it’s gone other times it continues.

All the women know they are supposed to visit the hospital, for check-ups but most women don’t know when to get tested for certain infections, and sometimes it’s either too late or hard to treat.

There are certain observations you can notice in your body to determine if you have an infection and then of course go for a proper test and treatment, they are;

1) Itching and irritation in the vagina
swelling and irritation of the vulva (the folds of skin outside the vagina)

2) Thick discharges they sometimes smell and other times they don’t. even though sometimes discharges are confused to be the “horny fluid” there’s a difference when you have those thick discharges that alert “you need treatments”

3) Pain during sex or when you pee, This is the perfect time to get tested to know what’s going on with you especially if the pain is constant it’s not the penis size something is going on down there

4) If you are probably reading this now and deep down you’re wondering “how did Vagina_care read my mind or Oh really I’ve been suspicious about a certain way I was feeling down there” then sis you should probably go for a SWAP test.

There are cases when people get treated and still feel or have the symptoms of the infection. it means , that most times it wasn’t treated properly it’s advisable to get tested before and after your treatment. Treatment should by administered by a professional (doctor)


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