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Evita Okonti And Pelumi Olajengbesi Are Engaged! See Highlights From Their Engagement And Love Story As Shared By Pelumi


Pelumi Olajengbesi, a lawyer and managing partner at Law Corridor is engaged to his Sweetheart, Evita Felix Okonti.
Pelumi asked Evita the Big Question in front of friends and family over the weekend and got YES.

Sharing their engagement photos, Pelumi wrote:
‘’Now Arrested Even though Presumed Innocent”
Over the weekend I popped the big question and she said yes. It was one of the bravest yet exhilarating moment of my life and I am the luckiest man alive to have the love and acceptance of my beautiful fiancée and intended, Evita, whose virtues excite my being on a level like never before.
We met very recently in the course of work and a gear turned in my head and bright sparks flew bringing us full circle to this moment and so, I want to specially celebrate my lady and intended, Evita; demure, kind, elegant, silky, charming, flaming, unrivaled in beauty, patient, trusting, godly, caring, selfless, forgiving, courageous, visionary, committed, not giving up, positive, not malicious, compassionate, supportive, gentle, warm, expressive, modest, humble, affectionate, tender, emotional, helpful, devoted, respectful, understanding but not cooking. 

I am privileged by the mercy of God to have found a lady who tamed my heart, reinvigorated my soul and who has so much belief and trust in me much more than I could believe and trust myself and with whom I share a boundless love without end.
We shared the beautiful day of our proposal with very close friends and associates, amongst whom I must make special mention of my friend, brother and Minister, Moses Bliss who gave the prophesy, declared it and monitored it till it came to past, his wise counsel steered me right and then there’s my lovely sister for life, Real Warri Pikin, whose admonitions and support made it all alright. I say thank you!
Folks, we have a wedding date! May this butterflies forever flutter and here is to forever. Cheers.”
See their engagement photos below

Congratulations to them ❤️❤️


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