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Frank Edwards Writes A Thank You Message To Sinach, Says She Help Him Become A Star He’s Today


If you are a Nigerian, especially a Christian who appreciates gospel music, the name FRANK EDWARDS shouldn’t sound strange to you. Frank Edward has released chart-topping singles and albums and he’s not slowing down yet. SINACH on the other hand is a global gospel minister and she’s perhaps the biggest gospel singer in Africa at the moment. These are guys telling Nigerian stories and spreading the news about Jesus on a global scale.

However, one thing we often missed is their breakout story. For the first time, Frank Edward is sharing his story – how he became a music producer, sound Engineer and singer with the help of Sinach.

Read his letter to Sinach Below:

“SINACH is a not a house hold name, she is a world class name the results are right before you! But the question is how did she get above the sky ????
 Here goes my SINACH experience 🙏🏼 I met SINACH 16years ago when I joined the ministry As a young piano player, she became a big sister & a friend ‘because’ we were always together making music as she writes one new song everyday. I kid you not 🙌🏻 so automatically I found myself rehearsing everyday 😂.

Working with her was not easy because she was musically ahead of me and I was finding it difficult to catch up 😩, sometimes in the middle of a rehearsal she would say “Frank I want the strings to go high at this point” then I will tell her that doesn’t sound nice just because I couldn’t do it 😂😂😂 ………but she will insist, then I had no choice but to learn it and do it , then I’ll be like it sounds beautiful 😂–. 

There is no studio in this Lagos that @therealsinach and I didn’t visit just to make music , so from following her to studios, I began to learn music production just by watching all the engineers we worked with. 🙏🏼 After every session, she sleeps inside the vocal boot and me under the mixing console 😂😂😂😂 then the next morning her car will refuse to start 😥😥😥 . Well well 😅 here is the good news , after I had gathered some production skills from all the various studios we visited, she decided to set up a mini studio in her house & I resumed work there as well 😂.

 I just wanted to make music , I just wanted to serve 🙏🏼 So to cut the long story short, today you know FRANK EDWARDS the producer , the engineer , the singer etc !! .It’s because of this woman 🙏🏼 she pushed me sooo hard & I humbly followed !! @therealsinach before the whole world I wanna say I love you❤ thank you for unlocking the greatness in me !!!……………Don’t look for where to show off , look for where to serve !! It will amaze you how much you don’t know !!”


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