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How I Made N2M+ During Easter Holidays Selling Digital Products ( Part 1 ) – Emeka Nobis


How I Made N2M+ During Easter Holidays, Part 1

In 2006, I flew out of Nigeria for the first time in my life. Destination was Italy. The management of the company – SAIPEM – where I’d worked for 10 years had deemed it fit to train me as a young and fresh graduate from school. On 4th May that year I left Nigeria.

I’d heard a lot about Italian shoes. Guys in my hood in Owerri would wear shoes and call them “Italo.” Italo shoes were revered for quality, finesse, and cost. I made up my mind I was going to buys lots of Italo shoes.

In October that year I walked into a shop in Arbatax, Sardinia. I saw €100 as price tag on a pair of shoes I so loved. It was my size. Back then €1 was N168. The math didn’t sit well in my mind. I left. By December, a few days to Christmas, I was back in that same shop. The prize tag was €50. I quickly scooped the shoes, thankful that nobody had bought it. Or perhaps, it was another set that had arrived.

Arbatax shops were agog everyday. It wasn’t so much about the price reductions, but about the period- December. December is globally known all over for celebrating Christmas. Everywhere begins to get frenzied as from 22nd or so. People are seen buying lots of stuff – houses, clothes, dogs, cars, hairs, bikes. Name it. The frenzy is palpable.

As a producer and marketer, the illogicality of spending at such times is our miracle. We don’t need to reason it. It’s just what it is – humans spend during festive periods.

Ramadan, Christmas, Chinese Year, Easter and New Year days are globally recognised festive periods of spending.

You have to plug in and tap from that flow of spending energy. It’s like that energy is harboured by a spirit that inhabits humans. Don’t reason it. Just plug in. Don’t try saving humans inhabited by festive spirits. Just tap.

As Easter was approaching, I knew I didn’t want to be left out. I had to tap into that energy.

Easter has gone. More festive periods will come. Christmas will come. What’s your own strategy to plug into the flow and reap financial rewards?

By the way, I bought my dog during Christmas. 😋


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