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How Jenny’s Glow Became Popular And The EFCC Saga


How Jenny Glow Became Popular

I heard about Jenny Glow for the first time in 2020 during the Lockdown Big Brother Naija show.

She capitalised on the virality of the show and the fact that it was affordable for brands to advertise that year.

2020 was the last year Multi Choice charged 25 million for small brands, and Jenny Glow leveraged that to become a household name.

Ever since then, Jenny’s glow has been on my face.

I don’t know who the owner is, but she earned my respect for how she uses media and influencer partnerships to push her brand.

She is a millennial, so she knows the importance of media in positioning a brand in people’s minds.

And then the scandal started.

When I saw the story of a disgruntled customer being picked up by the police for her demarketing of her brand,

I was wondering what was going on.

And it became intense.

More young women came out to tell sorry tales of how her skin care products damaged their skin.


I remembered that Nengi was marketing her products on Instagram.

It means that Nengi was not using it then.

Why would celebrities on Instagram market a cream that they don’t use?

I wondered

In that state of confusion, a guy on Tiktok who is today her biggest tormentor started tormenting her by carrying her case like a gala and dragging her from here to Libreville Gabon.

The whole noise alerted NAFDAC and roused them from their slumber to do their job.

To be in the bad book of NAFDAC is something I don’t wish for any entrepreneur in this country.

They will drain you.

They will frustrate you.

Apparently, Jenny Glow is now on the radar of NADSAC, as they just raided her Lagos shop, weeks after sealing her Abuja shop.

It is disturbing that Jenny Glow does not even have a NAFDAC number for some of her skin care products.

I admire Jenny Glow a lot for her marketing ingenuity.

She gets it when it comes to marketing and is the poster girl for how to leverage media for brand positioning and scale.

At the same time, it is worrying that she channelled all that goodwill to sell poison that she does not use on her skin.

This is evil and wickedness.

After watching this video attached below, I was convinced beyond doubt that we are dealing with a demon who is so cold-hearted that she can do anything to make money.

She did not even pity her customer’s kidneys and liver.

Cream of 5k

1 new kidney: 15 million

I hope that her skin care empire crumbles from here.

At least to serve as a deterrent to other young people who are wicked and vile to sell poison that will harm and destroy other young people in the name of capitalism and making money.


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