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I Am The First Graduate In My Entire Family History: Inspiring Story Of Chinonso Ogbogu 


Mr. Chinonso is the CEO of Sabi writers, a company in Lagos, Nigeria that solves writing problems for individuals and businesses.

Recently, he got admitted into Lagos Business School and he’s been sharing his progress. Meanwhile, this time he decided to share his full story via his Facebook page. We are sharing hoping it will inspire someone to greatness.

Read his story below :

Yesterday, August 1st 2022, I stood before the main gates of Lagos Business School to take this photo.

To remind me that dreams do come true.

Okay, let me tell you the back story.

In 2010, I moved out of my parents’ house in Lagos and travelled hours on road to go live in Enugu State

That was 12 years ago!

I was in my early 20’s.

And I wanted to be independent.

I later found a small room in a place called Emene and started living there alone, far from my family.

I was a kid with all kinds of dreams.

…but I was broke.

In fact, I did not have money to furnish my tiny room. There was no curtain, electronics, or wall paintings.

So I printed photos of great icons and pasted them all over the wall in my room to serve as daily inspiration to me.

On my wall, I had photos of:

  • Aliko Dangote
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Anthony Robbins
  • Albert Einstein
  • Dora Akunyili
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • you name it.

On that same wall, I also pasted papers with quotes of famous change makers and great entrepreneurs.

As if those were not enough, on that same wall, I had papers of different goals I wanted to achieve in life.

The whole wall had all kinds of papers glued to it that you might be tempted to think I was some police detective or spy.


Guess what?

On that wall, I had this small note that said:

“I will build a great business, create jobs, and then one day, become a student of Lagos Business School.”

Please, read that again 👆👆👆

That was 12 years ago!

At the time I wrote down that goal and pasted it on my wall, I had never gone or smelt the gates of LBS.

How it was going to happen, I did not know at that time. I simply wrote the goal and went on with life.

So yesterday, as I walked into Lagos Business School to begin my Executive Programme as a student, I paused and smiled.

The memory of that my wall back in Enugu hit me and I had to ask one of the security men to take a good photograph.

12 years later!

Today, I’m not only a student of one of the finest business schools in the world but I am also admitted into one of their most expensive and top-class programmes.

What a journey!

One of focus, discipline, consistency, and luck.

The reason I share my stories is for people who are like me: those from families with little or no means.

I am from a poor home.

I am the first graduate in my entire family history, so you see where I am coming from.

Now, you see why I am ruthlessly focused.

That’s because I am on a mission to rewriting the history of a whole generation and to interrupt my family pattern.

Someone has to be the sacrifice to emancipate a whole generation and compose a whole new story.

I am that sacrifice!


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