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The Grace To Grace Story Of Moses Bliss You Probably Didn’t Know


Here is the untold Story of Moses Bliss you didn’t know as shared by Lara Wise:


Two young boys walked into the pastor’s office on this fateful day.
They were young, ambitious and they needed money.
They were talented instrumentalists who needed cash for service in church.
They were no doubt church boys but on this day, they wore upon their forefront their proper name and title; they wanted to play for the church and get paid.
The pastor did not mince words in telling them that the church does not pay musicians to work for God. “Your talent was given to you by God and He expects you to use it to bless His body”
He told them in no uncertain terms that their reward was God-determined and would be God-supplied.

Ofcourse this did not go down well with the young boys and I can only imagine their disappointment. The pastor asked them to leave if his counsel did not go down well with them.
One left.
The other stayed back.
Not only did he stay back, he threw himself into God’s work, using his talent to bless the body of Christ.

Soon he was known he began to carve a niche for himself. In no time at all, offers started rolling in-oh were they mouth watering!
He got a record deal to veer of gospel music and gospel work.
The package was jaw-dropping for a young boy who used to help his mother sell her wares in a local market. A car, a two- bedroom apartment, two million Naira, and it was a long list.
This same pastor who gave him the option of walking away from the church has now become his Pastor and mentor.
When this boy took the record deal to him, he said “ I kept the documents aside and didn’t even touch it again because that wasn’t what God showed me about this young boy. When he kept pestering me to get my blessings concerning the deal, I gave him my two- bedroom BQ and I tried to steer him off the lures of the world”
Let me cut this very long story short..
… last Sunday, the world literally stood still at the album launch/concert of this boy who has now become a household name.
At the launch, he got a plot of land in a choice area in Abuja, he was given 50 scholarships ( yes, 50) people launched his album in Dollars ;10,000$, 5,000$, it was a forex rain like i had never seen before. He for so much and that is putting it mildly.

Today he is a household name just because he refused to leave. Just because he was humble enough to put down his head under a mentor who appeared insensitive at the beginning.
So I paused to wonder where the other guy who walked away is today.
It doesn’t matter, does it? We don’t know him.

This is an attempt at summarising the inspiring story of Moses Bliss, the gospel music sensation.
His story reminds me of the story of the two daughters in-law of Naomi who were asked to go back to their people after the death of their husbands. One, Orpah, went back. The other, Ruth, stayed put and today her story can never be forgotten. God honoured her so much so that Jesus came through her lineage.

Friends, everything is not about immediate gratification.
Some rewards are packaged in the womb of endurance and long suffering.
And here is to mentors who do not abuse privilege or take advantage of their mentees.”

Cc; LaraWise

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