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I Will Be The Voice of The Men, Women, Youths, Teenagers And Children In Emohua LGA – Chibuzor Stephen  


Chibuzor Stephen is  from  Rundele, in Emohua Local Government in Rivers State. An entrepreneur and young leader who is contesting for State House of Assembly in Emohua. 

In this chat with him, Mr Stephen speaks on what he intends to do when elected, his plans for young people, what he will do to change Nigeria when he becomes Nigerian President and more.

Tell us about yourself. Who is Stephen Chibuzor?
My name is Chibuzor Stephen, am from Rundele, in Emohua Local Government in Rivers State. I studied Public Administration in Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic in Rivers State. I am an Entrepreneur. I run a Decoration and Cleaning business. 
I have also had the opportunity to encourage some young people to make some quality decisions in life, also I was part of the team that facilitated the change of the name of the school I attended, from Rivers State College of Arts and Science to Port Harcourt Polytechnic and now Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic. I love Peace and hate Evil.

What informed your decision to go into politics ?
I grew up seeing the level of suffering and marginalisation of the good people of Emohua. We have some natural resources that is supposed to be used to secure, prosper, educate, develop and protect the residents in the LGA, but so far the reverse has been the case, now you hear of Kidnapping, killings, underdevelopment, lack of social amenities, poor educational facilities, poor health care facilities, poverty etc. So instead of staying on the side and complaining about the government I decided to go into the system so my people can be effectively represented.

Why didn’t you join either of the two biggest political parties or even the Labour Party which is gaining so much attention because of Peter Obi? Why ADC?
In Emohua LGA, we’ve had representation at the state and federal level, but still we have not see any change, and these guys come from the two biggest parties. I made some research and I found out that the reason they’ve not been effective is because of the godfather system. 
ADC is a party that believes in the youth, women and people with disabilities WPWD. We also believe in ensuring the people gets all the dividends of democracy. Also in ADC the godfather system does not work. Finally in ADC our structure runs down the various LGA that means we are fully represented in the grassroots.

What do you intend to do differently if elected?
I am contesting for the State House of Assembly, and as such I am determined to make sure the voice of the good people of my constituency are heard and also I will hold the executives accountable, so all the demands of the people will be granted fairly. I will also sponsor bills that will favour the good people of Emohua and Rivers State at large.

We have noticed that you are among the few young people aspiring for political position in Nigeria. 
What do you think can be done to encourage more young people to aspire for leadership position?

One of the reasons I am running is to also encourage youths like me to run also. We grew up hearing our fathers say we are the leaders of tomorrow, I think that tomorrow they are talking about is now. So instead of seating at home complaining they should try to support the young people aspiring for these elective positions and also get themselves ready to contribute their own quarter.

Kindly share your manifesto.

VISION: A prosperous local government that will promote peace, stability & will be enviable to every other LGA.
MISSION: I will be the voice of the Men, Women, Youths, Teenagers and Children in the LGA.
*. The voice of everyone in the LGA will be heard so as to promote Rule of Law and Equality in the LGA.
*. Security is very important in any society. Bills and strategies that will promote peace and tranquility will be sponsored.
*. Education is the bed-rock of every society. I will sponsor bills that will make sure our children gets proper educations and I will also give them the needed assistance in any level of their education.
*. I will also sponsor bills that will promote our agricultural produce to help increase the revenue of the LGA.
*. I will encourage people from my constituency to have necessary skills that will make them relevant in the society, both in real time and online.
*. I will work towards bringing necessary organisations and companies that will bring in development and employ our citizens in the LGA.

Do you have sponsors? If no, how do you intend to fund your campaign?
We are trying discourage vote buying and all other electoral malpractice, my campaign is structured around well meaning Nigerians that wish to see the Nigeria we all wish. The people are a part of my campaign.

If you become the Nigerian president in the future, what would you do exactly to make Nigeria better?
Nigeria is blessed with a lot of mineral resources, my major focus will be uniting the Northern man and the Southern man. If we all see ourselves as brothers then the nation we desire to see will surface. Also public servants will be chosen by merit and not politically.

Do you believe you are going to win this election? If yes, what makes you think so?
I believe I will win this election because before I started the whole electoral journey I have taken time to listen to the people, I can tell you they are not happy and also they are willing to support an alternative. With the recent issues in the state and nation at large the people are fed up. Also with the new electoral system there won’t be vote buying, ghost voting and votes will count.

How can people support you?
People can help drive the gospel of change we are preaching to their friends and families, also they can reach out to my campaign team and the necessary details on how they can support will be made known to them.

Share your social media handles and contact details .
My Facebook page is Chibuzor Stephen Instagram handle is Chibuzor Stephen Twitter handle is Stephen Chibuzor Email address is ozechi6@gmail.com

What messages do you have for the public most especially the people in your constituency?
Vote selling should not be an option and it should be greatly discouraged. They should think of the future of their children and also let their conscience direct them to choose the right person. Thanks


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