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ICE Cooperative, A Multipurpose Cooperative Society Designed To Solve Housing Problems In Nigeria, Support Members With Startup Capital


In an exclusive interview with Mr Iyke Eben, one of the board members of ICE Cooperative , he speaks on what ICE Multipurpose Co-operative Society is all about , their innovative housing and startup capital solutions, their system, sustainable plan and more.

What is ICE Cooperative all about ?

ICE cooperative is a Multipurpose cooperative society born out of society’s need.

How did the idea about ICE Cooperative come about ?

The idea came as a result of intellectuals coming together to see how we can alleviate the problem of housing and startup capital for businesses.

Of course, you know that the government has failed in their housing responsibility as they promised years ago. For instance, for a civil servant in Nigeria to build his own house with his salary is hard.

So, ICE cooperative is a social engineering multi-purpose cooperative society designed to help people get houses and start up capital .

What problem are you trying to solve with this cooperative society ?

We found out that people need accommodation. Not just accommodation, people need a house. But lots of people cannot save the money required to build or buy these houses. So we decided to partner with Lifestyle Asset Hub, a real estate development company with social funding housing solutions. Their social funding package allows people to pay a certain amount of money and bring others to do the same thing to qualify for a house. We felt we have lots of people who need these houses but can’t afford 16 million, 4 million as the case may be, nor have the capacity to bring several people to qualify for the house.

So we took it upon ourselves to build a cooperative society where we help each other. We set up a system that with just an initial payment of N5000, you get enlisted in the Lifestyle Asset Hub social funding housing solution and qualify for a four bedroom duplex. Makes sense , right ?

So we are here to solve the housing and start-up capital problem in Nigeria.

Interesting! What makes your cooperative different from others ?

What makes ICE Cooperative different is one, the registration fee is just N5000 and anybody can afford it. 

We also have an exit plan. It’s not a network system or a pyramid system where one enters and stays forever and be earning money from everyone who joined after them.

We also have our proprietary software that enables every member to exit. The software also help every member qualify. Our management structure is also great.

Kindly share your sustainability plans. And what is the assurance that it won’t fall soon?

Our proprietary system is designed for sustainability. We have a proprietary trademark. It’s an innovation that has not existed before.

Who and who is qualified to join?

Every member qualifies. Everyone who registers with N5000 qualifies for the house and start-up capital.

Who can register and join the cooperative?

Anybody who is 18 and above can register. We are a registered organization permitted by law to receive thrift.

How can people join the cooperative?

One can join through our website, social media or come to our office at P.O.Box 141,
Opposite Winners Chapel
Elimbu, Port-Harcourt.

Just go to the website and click join. You can also call us for more .

What’s the start-up capital to join?

Just a one-time payment of N5000

How long does it take to qualify for the house?

We are not a network system. You start with N5000, get started and we carry on till you qualify. It could be three months, six months or a year. Meanwhile, the house is worth 85 million and if you don’t want to live in the house you can ask for money and Lifestyle Asset Hub will give you a post-dated cheque of about 110 million. Also, these housing are in different locations – Uyo, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu – anywhere you choose, you get a house .

Meanwhile, ICE Multipurpose Co-operative Society has a weekly seminar online and offline.

Join and learn how to become a landlord with a one-time registration fee of N5,000

Days & Time

Mondays: 9pm on Telegram group

Wednesdays: 9pm on Telegram

Fridays: 9pm on Telegram

Venue: Telegram

Phone contact 


Click the link below to join our Telegram group.


Weekly physical Seminar

Opposite Winners Chapel
Elimbu, Port-Harcourt


Facebook: ICE Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society


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