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If Your Bae Is Not Your Biggest Fan, Get A New Bae


What’s the point of having a bae who cannot support your hustle, career, goals, or project?

I cannot even recognize you as a friend if you don’t support me.

Friends support each other!

If you ask me, my top reason for having a bae is for friendship and supports.

Like, we support and help each other and grow.

Think, plan, strategize, and execute together.
Someone like me will rather remain single than date lady who only helps me get an erection 😞

The last time my ex reached out, she was saying that she’s yet to find someone like me who genuinely cares about her growth, She flashed back to the books, courses, planning, and more.

I told her she was also a great supporter, however, the conversation is not necessary again as we are in the move on season.

On the flip side, some baes are just parasitic.
You want to be treated right, supported, but you are not making any effort to support him or her. Mbok pack well🙄

I’m saying, if your bae is not your biggest fan, get a new bae or remain single.

Meanwhile, is your bae a real bae?

Also, what’s your idea of a real bae?

I will be in the comments section with peanut and Zobo.

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