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3 Strategies That Will Give You 100 Followers On Instagram Everyday


Do you want to gain more followers on Instagram?

Today is your lucky day.

These are things you need to do:
1- Know who your potential customers are. 

2- Know who the are following.

3- Develop strategies to get them to notice you, visit your profile and follow you.

Here is the deal!
Look at the accounts who are following businesses similar to yours – if they’re following them, then they’re probably going to be interested in what your business has to offer too.
For example, if you’re a business consultant, find out the top business consultants who serve the same market as you, follow them and engage with them and their followers.
You get the picture.
You  interact with them by commenting on their photos, liking their photos, and even sending them direct messages.
But keep this in mind:
If you spam people or write generic comments that aren’t tailored to fit the photo/account you’re commenting on, you’ll just hurt your brand and annoy people. Take the time to really form a genuine connection with your audience, and your efforts will eventually pay off.
You can also run an ad targeting their followers.
Also, you can partner or collaborate with them.
It could be a live training, webinar, Instalive,etc.
Again, you can partner with an influence who your potential customers are following and incentivize them to promote your offers.
That way they will introduce you to their community and if you are good, they will check you out and join your tribe.
I’ve these strategies to achieve results for our clients.
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