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Juliet Diepiriye: SILVA- EPISODE FIVE


When Silva arrived at the hospital, she rushed straight to their family’s doctor’s office and tried to barge in but was stopped by an old grumpy nurse.
“Who do you think you are barging into an office? Don’t you have manners? Didn’t your parents teach you anything?” She shouted loudly at her. Silva couldn’t be deterred but when she saw how insistent the nurse was bent on frustrating her and creating a scene, she ran back to the reception and luckily, bumped into her grandmother. She looked tired and worn out.
“Oh my daughter,” she hugged her tightly trying hard not to break down in front of her.
“Where’s mom?” Silva asked.
“Come see.” She led her to her daughter’s room but froze when she saw who was standing next to Iyaye. Her face changed as quick as that of a chameleon, even faster, for her breathing became faster.
“Blood of Jesus!! You Satan, what are you doing here with my daughter? So this is your plan eh?” She scowled and pushed the person away from her daughter.

Silva stood shocked as to who she was seeing in front of her. Her father of whom she had longed for for so many years stood in the same room with her. He still looked the same except some graying here and there but still he still looked the same. She recalled how he dragged his suitcase, how he ignored her pleadings for him to stay, how he pushed her mother away when she tried to stop him. His face, his impassive face that looked at her that day looked different this time but that was not what bothered her. Why in the world was he here after abandoning her and her mother for fifteen years? Her jaws clenched at that thought and her eyes blazed with fury. Meanwhile her grandmother continued with her ranting.

“So you have come to rejoice in my daughter’s situation abi? It will not work for you. Your plans will fail. You hear me? It will fail. You are not permitted to come close to any of my children. Now get out!”
Mr. Jude could not say anything. He never wanted for them to see him here. He had paid the nurse to allow him some privacy with his wife for some minutes. Looking at her, so frial and weak, he realised that he had been wrong. He missed her so much and he had pushed her away from him. It was his fault, his fault that she was in this situation. How was he ever going to rectify the whole situation? He was not expecting to meet this situation, to meet her mother and worse still his daughter. He looked at his daughter, who had now grown up into a fine young lady and feared at what he saw. Anger, hatred and sadness filled her eyes. He wanted to say something but she turned away.
“Get out of here, you devil! You want to make me childless,” she wailed and pushed him out of the room. “Oh Iyaye, my eye.” She threw herself on her unconscious daughter’s sick bed and wept.

Matthew tried to wade his way into the crowd. This was not happening again. His Silva was at it again. He had managed to stop her from fighting after so much difficulty and now her mother’s condition had all his hard work crashing down.
“Please,” he asked a tall hefty man whose chest seemed to be popping out of his T-shirt. “Have you by any chance seen a young lady here?”
“Oh, you mean the fight that just happened now?” The man grinned, narrating all that happened alongside with demonstrations. “She gave him a hell of a beating. I have never seen any woman fight with so much rage in her eyes, it was scary. It was a bloodied match.”
“Where is she?” Matthew asked.
“She headed outside. That’s all I know,” he said and watched as Matthew ran out of the door. Now, this would be interesting, he thought. “Make sure you no vex her oh before she knacks you for ground,” he called out after Matthew.
Silva was sobbing on her bicycle when he found her. When he tried to hold her, she flinched, ready for a fight but when she saw him, her features softened. She hugged him and wept more.
“He’s back Matt. He’s back.”
“Who Silva?”
“My father.”


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