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Episode Eight
Silva woke up to the beeping sound of a machine. She squinted and found Matthew staring worriedly at her. She looked around her surrounding and realised that she was on a bed, an hospital bed to be precise. She tried recalling what had happened earlier but was interrupted by the touch of a cold metal pressed to her chest.
“Ha, you’re finally awake. I was beginning to worry,” a lady dressed in a short white coat spoke as she gently listened to her heart beat.
“What happened?” Silva asked.
“Oh you were rushed here because you had fainted. I think it was because you were so stressed. You almost gave your mom a heart attack.”
Slowly, everything began to take shape. She was beginning to remember everything. She had overhead her mom and her grandma conversing and the look on her mom’s face when she found out the truth of her mom’s condition. The doctor noticed her change of mood and as if reading her mind spoke.
“Don’t worry. Your mother is fine. Your grandmother has been by your side since and just recently left because this fine young man opted to watch you,” she said smiling.
Matthew would have blushed if he was of a fairer complexion but he wasn’t. Once the doctor had finished with her examination and was out of the room, he went closer to her side and held her hands.
“Sil, you got me worried. Why didn’t you let me know of what was going on? I accept now that I have been a bad friend to you. I broke my promise of always being there for you,” he said. She stared at her best friend of so many years and realised that she had been hard on him. She wondered why he had not yet given up on her. She was a lost cause indeed. The way she fought spoke volumes about her, about the mess she had become. She wondered when and how she became this aggressive.
“I’m sorry. I guess I have just been caught up in so many situations that I just totally forgot about you,” she replied, twisting her lips. She did that whenever she felt guilty.
“It’s okay,” he said, smiling. “How is she?”
“Of that I do not know,” she sighed as she recalled again their last encounter. “We did not talk much.” She stopped her wistful thinking when she realised that something was off.
“Wait!! How did you know I was here?”
“Well,” he said, smirking. “I do have my ways.” Silva glared at him so hard that he thought she was going to murder him.
“Fine okay. Sawduo told me about your mom.”
“How? I thought that girl had sworn an oath of secrecy?”
“Nothing a new weavon and promises of a nice pair of sandals can’t fix,” he replied and grinned at her.
“I knew this would happen,” she grumbled to no one but herself. “What about my grandma. She intensely dislikes you. She says you are the sole reason why I am this way.”
“Well, I may not have told her that her daughter needed her attention urgently.”
Silva laughed at his little antics. “You little devil.”
“Leave me jare. They should know better.”

“She appears to be with some guy boss,” the man said as he stepped into the car that his master owned. Master stayed quiet for a while before tapping his feet.
“We wait then,” he replied.
“You heard me Emeka. I do not like the habit of repeating myself. Once he exits, I make myself known.”
“Do you think her father would try to see her?” They had been there for the past one hour and yet Emeka had not yet seen or noticed anything suspicious.
“That fool won’t make a second mistake. He now sees that his daughter hates and resents him so much. I will use that to my advantage. For now, I would have to be patient,” his master replied, eyes twinkling in delight.
“What of if he decides to stay longer in her room boss?”
Master was beginning to get annoyed with his questions. “Then you get him out of the way. You do your job and don’t make me furious. The next time you ask me such rubbish, it would be your neck that will feel my wrath.”
The man nodded and gulped in fear. He wished that Rufus had gone with master instead of him. This was getting dangerous for it was obvious Master was obsessed with the poor girl.


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