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SILVA – Episode Six

Juliet Diepiriye: SILVA - Episode Six


The huge gate opened for him and he drove his car inside. As he looked for where to park his car, he admired the flowers that were beginning to bloom. Although his master was ruthless and cold, his love for flowers was incomprehensible. He planted so many flowers, local and imported, which gave the mansion an enchanting look. Ha, how his master loved flowers. He unconsciously recited each name of the flowers as he drove by. Roses, turnips, hibiscus, and all sort stood proudly as if guiding the way. He had just finished the mission which his master had left for him to do and he was back with the information. His master, of which he could do anything for, even kill if need be. He chuckled when he remembered how he locked up a young girl in a water tank for four days thereby killing her when she tried to blackmail his master after he had refused to give her money. A slight nod from his master had settled everything. Rumors had it that his master was unusually intelligent in matters related to business, that he killed his own father at age twenty-five and had gone on to acquire his wealth and build an empire for himself. He knew that there was some truth to them but he dare not think about it. He sighted his master’s latest convertible and knew his master was home. He parked his car and went inside after the guards let him in.
His master was drinking brandy when he stepped into the parlor. His master was not like the other squarely junkly fat men with pot-bellied stomachs instead he was fit with nice toned muscles.
“Ah, you’re here already,” his master said, dropping the glass of brandy and gestured for him to sit. Taking a seat, he handed the video and the pictures and watched calmly as his master watched the video with precise interest. “She’s such a she-devil. Don’t you think?” Master grinned. “Her precision is amazing and accurate. How bad was the guy injured?” He asked.
“Two broken bones, a twisted ankle, sprained shoulder, and a broken jaw,” the man narrated.
“Ha, how delightful,” Master smirked. He was going to enjoy each and every moment. “How about the mother?”
“Still in the hospital. The substance was very effective,” the man said recalling how he would poison Iyaye’s food every day before she ate.
“How beautiful can slow deaths be?” Master replied grasping his hands as his eyes twinkled darkly. “But out of the pain comes the gold, pure and refined.”
“Tell my secretary to cancel all the appointments. It is time I meet my goddess, don’t you think?”
The man scratched his head first, thinking if that was a good idea but the deadpanned look on his master’s face told him otherwise.
“Yes Master, it is time.”


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