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SILVA- Episode Seven


Silva weighed the basket that was filled with so many provisions in her head and chuckled. Why would grandma ask her to bring so many of these for mom? Memories of last night events filtered into her mind and she sighed. She had gone too far this time all because she wanted to lash out. She could still remember how the man squirmed in pain. She could still taste his blood, metallic-like.

“I just hope that guy isn’t in a cult or else all hell will let loose. You need a leash, Silva. A tight one indeed,” she chuckled again to her self but inwardly prayed that nothing of what she just thought of would happen. “Control your emotions for goodness sake. You are a woman, not some ninja fighter or else grandma will sell you off to some old Alhaji as his last wife.” This was always the threat grandma gave to her each time she fought.

Her friend Matthew had taken her home that night and had stayed with her till she slept off. What would she have done without him? He truly was an amazing friend. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard voices only to discover that she had walked into the hospital absentmindedly and straight to her mom’s ward.

Silly me, she thought and peered inside the room. Her mom and grandma seemed to be having a deep discussion. The firm tightness of her mom’s lips showed that she was battling with words. Her heart instantly went out to her.
“She can’t be able to handle the truth mom.” Silva heard her mom say. What truth were they talking about? What were they hiding from her? She focused more to hear what they were saying.
“But we need to tell her. We need to tell her what is going on. I haven’t been able to handle it also.” Silva watched as her grandma sighed, bent down to wipe off the tears that were falling freely on her cheeks and then continued. “How will I be able to handle the fact that you are dying. That you will die before me, ehn Iyaye. How will I?”

Silva froze when she heard her grandma’s words and opened the door for them to see her. She watched as her mom’s eyes widened at her.
“What?” She shouted and slammed the door.
Both of them inwardly cringed as they realized that Silva had heard them.
“Honey,” Iyaye said, quickly masking her earlier expression and tried her best to smile. “Oh, you brought me something. I am famished.”

Silva glared at her but the fore lone look on her mom’s face calmed her down.
“Mom, do not lie to me. Who is dying?”
Iyaye sighed. “How much did you hear.”
“Pretty much everything.” Silva looked at her and realized something. Her anger yesterday had blinded her to see her mom’s appearance. She looked very pale, thin and her hair, once rich, black and full was now scanty and brownish.

“Honey, come sit with me,” her mom said, gesturing for her to sit beside her but Silva would not budge, instead she remained rooted to her spot.
“Is what is grandma saying true?” She hoped that they would both laugh at her and then tell her how silly and funny her face looked but nothing happened. There was silence. A shrill strange and cold silence.

She looked into her mother’s eyes and realization dawned on her. Her world had truly collapsed. There was nothing left.
She fainted.


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