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The MAYOR OF PITAKWA was historic

If there is anything like Port Harcourt Entertainment’s history book, I’m sure June 27th 2021 would be written boldly in the book and every June 27th would be celebrated as a public holiday in Port Harcourt by entertainers.

The first time that KOBaba attempted to host a show at Aztech, it was affected by the Coronavirus lockdown after so much was invested in securing the venue, printing tickets, setting up billboards, etc.

Not only did the lockdown affect his planned show, but it also affected his lifestyle as physical events were restricted and for a comedian and event MC with a family and almost 20 young comedians in his Talkaholic Crew who depend mostly on him, it was a tough moment, to say the least. But that did not stop KOBABA from trying again.

Here is 2021 with a lot of historic moments

Watch how KO entered the stage

KO Baba sold out Aztech Arcum, singlehandedly established the Mayor of Housing brand in Port Harcourt as the go-to housing brand, cemented himself as the king of comedy business while also living up to the MAYOR OF PITAKWA title even as he tells his Port Harcourt story with the MAYOR OF PITAKWA comedy show. KO Baba is also billed to perform in London at “Crack Ya Ribs” with Julius Agwu in August 2021.

The success of the MAYOR OF PITAKWA by KO Baba is not just a win for KO Baba or his team but a win for Port Harcourt entertainers. It will surely inspire and motivate the youngsters to believe more in themselves, set bigger goals and work extra hard to achieve them.

Featured Comedians

The event featured some of the best comedy acts in Nigeria- From Akpororo to Kenny Blaq to Pashun to Akpan Okon, Mudiaga, Okon Lagos, MC JP, GSN, Danny Spry, Small Pepper, Payo G, Adviser and Dr Vee with a special appearance by Julius Agwu. This is why many think that the MAYOR OF PITAKWA is the biggest comedy show in Port Harcourt in 2021.

Value for money

The MAYOR OF PITAKWA was not a regular comedy. It was different in many ways and one of them was the special treatment KO gave his fans and supporters.

While those on the table enjoyed grilled fish, wine, Ice Cream and fruit juice aside from the premium comedy experience, those in the VIP section were given special treatment also with popcorn, water and a soft drink.

Not only that, Rocky Guide Protocols Security was there to make sure the place was secured. It was a fun night for all who attended and everyone left smiling.

Premium comedy

I was there from the beginning till the end and I’m not sure there was any bad performance. All the comedians who stepped on the stage even the ones I saw for the first time delivered. It won’t be wrong if I say KO auditioned them before the show.

As usual, Danny Spry who calls himself the most successful handicap brought extra vibes with his handicapped jokes. And Mr Washington, one of KO’s proteges was on top of his game. Akpan Okon delivered premium jokes in my opinion. Not forgetting GSN who is effortlessly funny and spontaneous.

Other funny comedians who made the show fun for us were Akpororo, Aproko, Mudiaga, Adviser, Joshua King, MC JP, Payo G and DR Vee.

All the comedians who performed were exceptional. However, the overwhelming cheer made it clear who the audience wanted to see. KO made a triumphant, Doremi-like entry with his Talkaholic Crew all dressed in white.

KOBABA used the show to remind us why he is a clean and classy comedian. He was not only funny, but he also delivered a comedy masterclass and we can’t wait for his next masterclass.

KOBaba sold out Aztech Arcum

If you are familiar with Port Harcourt enough, you will agree with me that Aztech Arcum is to Port Harcourt what 02 Arena is to London. Filling the hall that they had to look for extra chairs and tables was a historic moment in KO’s career. He’s earned his bragging rights and cemented his place as the biggest comedian in Port Harcourt, South-South and one of the most successful comedians in Nigeria.

Great Branding

I think the guys who handle the branding deserve a flyover, unfortunately, KO does not have the resources like Gov Wike. Lols

I heard the brand logo was designed by Benjizzy while Segun and Shiloh handled the whole branding. They did a great job and they deserve all the accolades.

From the red carpet to the entrance to the hall to the stage, the branding was consistent and great. I think KO wanted to use it to communicate his clean and classy brand and it was a success from a branding standpoint.

The MAYOR OF PITAKWA 2021 was a success and we are looking forward to the 2022 edition. Indeed, KOBaba is the MAYOR OF PITAKWA!

Over to you. Were you at the MAYOR OF PITAKWA? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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