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I remembered something Bishop David O. Abioye used to tell us back then while he was our pastor in Garden of Faith, Kaduna. He said “if you strike a tree 99 times and you hit it with ONE FINAL BLOW and the tree falls down, it was the 99+1 hits that fell the tree and not just the final one…”

Darren Hardy calls it, “the law of compound effect.”

Everything does not happen as fast or as quick as we want, but LIKE the Chinese BAMBOO Tree, after 5 YEARS OF CONSISTENT WATERING, in 6 WEEKS it grows from less than 10ft to 90ft.
That is why the bible says, “don’t be weary in well doing.” Even if it drains your energy. Remember the laws of energy conservation from physics; energy that you lose is not really lost because it reappears in form of success, achievements, and breakthroughs; the most important thing is to pass the TEST OF CONSISTENCY and endurance.

Great things happen when we put together consistent small steps.

One of the greatest hindrances to sustainable success is the lack of focus. Jesus endured because he SAW THE PRIZE AHEAD OF HIM. Even Christ had to pass the test of consistency.
Many times, we start and stop. Be it a business, writing a book, running a mission, exercising our bodies, investment, and savings, etc. We get discouraged because we expect instant success. But many quit at the eve of their miracle.

• It is consistency that makes you an expert skilled man.
• It is consistency that makes you see results.
• It is consistency that makes you develop a HABIT that sustains your success.
• It is consistency that turns mediocrity into competence.

You can be a businessman, a career person, a minister who wants to see growth and success in ministry, a sports man, etc. It is particularly important that once you are sure you are in Gods divine will, you NEED to maintain that stability. But if you keep “observing the clouds” and you are not found in your place when you divine helpers come, the angel might pass from you to someone else.

Consistency is a necessary process in the journey of success and divine fulfillment.
Those who abort process, abort destiny.

One day, I was watching a carpenter who came to work for me. I watched him hitting nails into a thick wood. I noticed some nails entered the wood too easily and they seem to fit in perfectly without much force while some took greater force, much readjustment and realignment and consistent heavy strikes to penetrate the wood. After fixing the structure, he decided to shake the joints and test the strength of what he did. I realized many of the nails that entered easily were not holding on to anything. Even though they produced aesthetics, they missed their purpose; thus; some of those nails were removed. While the carpenter fixed some of the nails back, others were thrown away.
The nails that needed extra force to penetrate the wood were the ones holding onto something and keeping the structure together. They were the ones that were relevant and remained firm in their position. They were the champions of the day, the ones that fulfilled purpose.

I realize nothing good just comes easy. We may have it rough at a point in our lives, going through discipline, chastisement, restraint, and realignment, but it can be a training for us to be able to stand when there is a shaking; to be the pillar that supports the structure and to be the champion of the day.
There will be times of self-doubt, fear and anxiety but remember, to every action there is equal and opposite reaction. Oppositions are evidence there is a position.
There was a story of a man in the bible who got a late-night visitor and he needed to feed his visitor. So he went to his neighbor house and knocked on the door. The neighbor replied, “Hey we have gone to bed and my family is asleep. I can’t open this door for you.” But, the friend was consistent in asking for help and the neighbor had to oblige; NOT because he wanted to but because he HAD to.

When you are consistent, you get results. You FORCE results. You create an impact because with every blow from the hammer, energy is deposited to open the door.
Remember the parable of the talents.
God does not just reward skills and productivity; he rewards faithfulness and that’s consistency.
God will not look for you where he has not planted you. Just like in the case of Adam, God is Omni-present, but He expects us to be where He assigned us to be. When you are inconsistent, you lose trajectory and even in God’s power, He may start ‘looking for you.’
God wills for you to be a doctor; stay there and use your career to fulfill your kingdom mandate and preach the gospel.
God wills for you to be a software developer; use your career to fulfill your kingdom mandate and preach the gospel.
God calls you to be an architect, entertainer, comedian, telecommunication expert, estate developer etc. Use your career to fulfill your kingdom mandate and preach the gospel.

Therefore, we do not give up. KEEP PUSHING! Do not be weighed down by age or environment; be consistent; that is a key sure path to success.

5 reasons why we are inconsistent.

  1. Lack of faith and clarity of vision and assignment
  2. distraction and being tossed to and fro by confusing doctrines.
  3. Inability to follow divine instructions.
  4. Comparing ourselves with others
  5. Trauma and inability to endue hardship.

But remember Jesus…who for the JOY THAT WAS SET BEFORE HIM ENDURED THE CROSS…Focus on Jesus and receive divine wisdom through his word to ensure you fulfill your assignment to the Glory of God.

©Oluseun Oyeleke Wikiman


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