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Mercy Chinwo Slams ₦2billion Lawsuit On Upcoming Artist For Using Her Name In A Song Suggesting She Attends Nightclubs


Nigerian gospel singer , Mercy Chinwo has filed a suit against hip-hop artist Obidiz for defamation of character and unauthorized use of name and image.

Mercy Chinwo, a renowned gospel artist and singer, has been making headlines in Nigeria for a variety of reasons. Firstly, she left her previous record label, Eezee Conceptz, in an unceremonious manner, which led to drama between her and her former label boss, Eezee Tee, as well as her label mates, Chidinma and GUC. Mercy Chinwo has unfollowed Eezee Tee, Chindinma and most recently GUC on Instagram.

In the midst of this controversy, Mercy Chinwo also released a new song called “Confidence,” which came with a controversial storyline that some interpreted as a reflection of her experiences with Eezee Tee.

Now, Mercy Chinwo has filed a lawsuit against hip-hop artist Obidiz for defamation of character and unauthorized use of her name and image. The lawsuit stems from Obidiz’s latest single release titled “Mercy Chinwo,” in which he used Mercy Chinwo’s name in a derogatory and defamatory manner. In the song, Obidiz refers to a wayward club girl and mentions Mercy Chinwo in a phrase that implies a contradiction between her behavior in church and in the club.

Mercy Chinwo’s lawsuit alleges that Obidiz made unauthorized use of her name and image in secular music audio and video, and demands that he cease and desist from any further use of her name and image. The lawsuit also requires Obidiz to take down the song and any promotional videos that feature her name or image and make a public apology. Failure to comply with these demands may result in a fine of N2,000,000,000.

See the suit document below

Meanwhile, let’s look at the case analytically.

Firstly, who is Obidiz?

Obidiz is a Port Harcourt secular artist and producer who was signed to Duncan Mighty’s record label, Young Wealth Records in 2018. Our reports show that Obidiz has released more than 15 songs between 2018 and now yet unknown despite being under one of the most celebrated Nigerian musicians, Duncan Mighty.

Could it be that Obidiz just wanted to use Mercy Chinwo to trend and by extension gain clout so he can blow?

Anything is possible! Stay with us……

Obidiz did not just release the song and titled it “Mercy Chinwo”. The use of a photo featuring American rapper and former stripper, Cardi B and Mercy Chinwo to promote the song created an intriguing juxtaposition, leaving many to wonder what he is up to. Did someone pay him to tarnish Mercy Chinwo’s image or do they have a history together that one party is not happy with? These are some of the questions many are asking.

We got the photo below from his Facebook profile.

At the time we published this post, the photo was still his profile picture on Facebook and he still has it on his Instagram page. Also, his friends and fellow artists like Dandizzy are adding humour and catching cruise with it on Twitter and Instagram.

That’s not all….watch the video we think made Mercy Chinwo call her lawyers below.


It’s more than a week since Mercy Chinwo’s legal team filed the lawsuit and Obidiz is yet to respond. Meanwhile, the song was released on February 16, 2023. What happens next? Follow us on social media and visit our blog for more.

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