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On Jimmy Odukoya Succeeding His Father As The General Overseer Of Fountain Of Life Church, Chukwudi Iwuchukwu writes


Two years ago, my man, Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo, introduced his son Tobi as the successor of his church empire, KICC, but he was subtle with the announcement.

This is what he did.

He announced Tobi as resident pastor 2 of the KiCC church, while the wife of his youth, Yemisi Ashimolowo, was announced as resident pastor 1 of the same church.

Ashimolowo’s church members were elated at the mighty thing God had done.

I was happy too for them, but what they failed to understand, though it is not my business to tell them, is that after serving Tobi’s dad and mom, they are about to serve his son and his own wife too.

Daddy Oyedepo of the Winners Church has been grooming his two sons in this church business thing for the longest time.

David and Isaac Oyedepo have been ordained as pastors since 2007.

David, who is the oldest pastor and the resident pastor in Ota, is being groomed to take over in case the dad is no more, while Isaac is in the US, managing the dad’s sprawling church business in that country.

This is why I was shocked to see the outrage among Nigerian Pentecostals this morning that Nollywood actor Jimmy Odukoyais is about to succeed his dad, Taiwo, who was buried a few days ago.

Jimmy’s ordination is on September 30.

Come to think of it,

Were you people expecting Chukwud Iwuchukwu to be the new pastor of Fountain of Life Church?

Haba now!

The same God who ordained Tobi Ashimolowo and David Oyedepo Jr. also ordained Jimmy

He is qualified in the eyes of God and men.

The church in Nigeria is a big family business that is very profitable, so it is allowed for family members to succeed the patriarchy when he or she is no more.

The people I blame are my friends, who give their tithe to these businessmen every Sunday in the name of tithing.

You are the customer, funding the lifestyle of the family that owns the church, and your money also contributes to the scale and growth of the church.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but facts are very stubborn.

It is what it is.

Though I must say, it is not my job to tell you how to spend your money, so carry on, my brother, my sister.

Next Sunday, make sure you increase your tithe, as we need to encourage the hustle of our daddies and mommies in the Lord.

That said, congratulations to the newest pastor in town, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya.

I will be here, rooting for you, sir, to scale your family hustle by planting more churches.

It is possible!


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