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Pastor Paul Enenche’s Message At International Ministers Conference 2023


Preacher : Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

Topic: Faithfulness for Next Levels

A. Introduction

  1. (Matt. 25:21; Luke 16:10- ) Faithfulness is the basis for changes in levels.
  2. (1Cor. 4:1-2) Levels will never change until someone is faithful.

Case study 1: (Gen. 39:5-6) Joseph changed levels by being faithful. He moved from being a Manager of Potiphar’s house, to becoming a Manager of an institution, then a Manager over a Nation.

Case Study 2: (Num.12:6; Heb. 3:2) Moses advanced in levels with God because he was found faithful in God’s house.

Case Study 3: (1 Sam. 16:11) David was faithful with the sheep, he was then anointed in front of a tribe, then over the Nation.

Case Study 4: (Gal. 3:9) Abraham’s faithfulness made him experience realms in God.

Case Study 5: (1 Tim. 1:12-) Apostle Paul stepped into realms people of his generation had never stepped in before.

Case Study 6: (Heb. 2:17- ) Jesus Christ  moved from one level to another in impact.

(Psalm 12:1; Pro. 20:6- )-There is a shortage of changes in levels because there are very few faithful men.

B. What is Faithfulness?

  1. Faithfulness is reliability and dependability of Character.
  2. Trustability and trustworthiness of Character.
  3. Loyalty and steadfastness at duty.
  4. The acceptance of full responsibility for a given assignment.
  5. Excellence delivery without external supervision. (e.g like Daniel).
  6. The maximal deployment of lives resources into lives assignment. (Acts 20:20). Giving time, money & energy required to my assignment. Holding nothing back.
  7. Doing the right thing with conviction, commitment and consistency.
  8. Being found where you are meant to be, doing what you are meant to be doing, when you are meant to be doing it. (Matt. 24:45-46).
  9. Doing the will, mind and pleasure of the Master’s heart.(1 Sam. 2:35)
  10. Functioning with the mentality of accountability in assignment. (Dan. 6:1). C. Facts about faithfulness
  11. The faithfulness of man attracts the faithfulness of God. (Psa.18:25; James 4:8)
  12. Schedule determines success, routine determines results and practice determines product. (Acts 17:2; Luke 4:16) Successful people have manners and customs. World leaders pay a global price. There are things they do and they do it establishedly in order to arrive at their destiny.
  13. Destiny answers to consistency of positive actions. What you do occasionally
    doesn’t change your outcome in life. It is what you do consistently, habitually and commitmedly that does. Prayer : Father I receive grace to be faithful and to do the right things consistently. D. Areas where faithfulness is needed
  14. Personal walk with God (Gen. 19:27)
  15. Feeding on the word (Matt. 4:4)
  16. Personal prayer life (1 These. 5:17)
  17. To the call of Ministry. (i.e what God called me to do) (Col. 4:17) Stick to your call.
  18. Feeding the flock (Acts 20:28). Don’t read to come and preach but to feed and then feed the flock.
  19. Salvation of the lost (John 15:17).
  20. Welfare and care of the flock. (Acts 6:1) until we can care for 20 people God won’t bring more.
  21. Personal Development (Acts 20:28).
  22. Spiritual submission and mentoral coverage. Those who start doing the right things are many but those who continue are few while those who finish are scarce.
  23. Financial management (Luke 16:11).
  24. Ministering to the physical needs of the Church (Eze. 34:2-3).
  25. Returning the glory to the owner of the glory (Isa. 42:8). E. Requirements for faithfulness
  26. A fighting spirit because faithfulness will be contested. Especially faithfulness in followership. (Example Elisha and the company of the sons of the prophet).
  27. A faith-filled spirit (1 Cor. 15:58).
  28. A faintless spirit. (Gal. 6:9) a spirit that refuses to faint or go weary.  God is not slow. When you are waiting on God for results it will appear you are slow. Don’t envy people who appear fast because not everyone has God as their source.  Stay with God and stick to the right thing and wait until your change comes. (Job 14:14). Continuing doing the right thing change is coming.  Don’t envy anybody because you don’t know the full story behind the happenings in there lives. God is not slow! As you wait on God you won’t waste in life! F. Rewards of Faithfulness
  29. Shifts in levels of authority (Matt.25:21; Luke 16:10)
  30. Abounding with blessings (Pro. 28:20)
  31. Divine protection (Psa. 101:6)
  32. Divine presence
  33. Divine enablement (1Tim. 1:12). There are two categories of people that can be in Ministry:-  the faithful or the powerful. If you are faithful but not powerful you can be empowered but if your are powerful and not faithful you will be discarded. God isn’t impressed by ability. Release the seed of faithfulness and God will empower you. G. Conclusion
    Don’t celebrate talent, ability, power rather celebrate faithfulness and when faithfulness is accomplished ability flows like water. In the end it will be well-done thou good and faithful servant!

Return to your first love. (Rev. 2:1-5) The first love is the fuel for first works.

Prayer : I receive grace to be faithful. Help me with my first love.


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