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Precious Sogunro On Believing and Receiving of Christ


Many today are called believers because they believe in God through his son Jesus and some are known as Christians because they believe in Christ and also they have received Christ making their every detail about them ordained by grace and truth of which this grace is the Holyghost power that makes you valuable to stand before God and this truth is the principle of God which is your Bible(word of God) given to you to abide by. (John 1:12-17)
Many on earth today are believers no Christians, and this understanding of whom you are is lacking in the Kingdom of God. Very few are given the understanding that after believing in Hod through Christ Jesus you are to receive him of which that receiving is the activation of righteousness. Cause without the HolySpirit within you cannot produce a love of Holiness and righteousness. Righteousness can only be made easy by receiving of the HolySpirit which is the grace that is giving unto us and by abiding in the Truth. Many fail in their spiritual journey because they believe in God but because they lack the HolySpirit and the word of God their level of belief is all that they have when a situation that is higher than their level of believe faces them their lack of the HolySpirit affects them that the Word of God which should activate power to carry on in them is not available. The only way to activate the power of the word of God is by the HolySpirit. (Acts20:32)Ephesians 3:20 makes us understand that according to the Power in us God is able to do, now this simply means if I can read my Bible and then let the HolySpirit show me and give me understanding of the word I am reading then I apply it by the leadership of the HolySpirit then the HolySpirit this word becomes activated in me and then this activation of the word makes me worthy to receive a certain amount of ability of God. Many are wasting away in prayer and on earth cause they are simply praying amiss due to lack of grace and power.
Prayer points.

  1. Lord Jesus let your HolySpirit take full total control over me.
  2. My Father (x3) let the Holyghost in me activate every word of God within me ijn
  3. O lord everything that rises as an hindrance against the power of the word of God in my life be destroyed ijn
  4. HolySpirit in every area of my life let not my will be done but your will o God.


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