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Priest Megaleio-“Dance In Style“ |mp3

Dance in style by Priest Megaleio.mp3

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Priest Megaleio Starts the year in a grand style as he releases a new groovy track titled  “Dance In Style ’’.

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“Dance in style” Lyrics

Verse 1

We can talk all day 

We can dance all night 

Looking at the stars that shines in the night 

I play with chords 

While creating the sound 

That’s why my melody keeps running in your mind …

Just close your eyes 

and free your heart 

Step into the spotlight like a work of art…. yeah….

We gonna dance in style ……yeah….


Just dance in style yeah…. 

 Verse 2

just close your eyes

 And hear the sound 

The sound of music singing la,la,la

Music takes your heart

And plays with your mind 

All you gotta do is just to do your part 

And  feel the vibe 

Cause its your time

Your time……..

As we gonna dance in style  …..yeah….

Just gonna dance in style……..


Just dance in style ( 3x)


Just feel the music inside

Just move your body in style Just move your hands

Move your feets

 move your body 

And dance in styles 



Just Dance in style (4x)


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