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Become What You Seek – Fadumiyo Oluwatosin


Marrying the likes of John Obidi or Allison Hyacinto


haha haha… What came to your mind when you read that👆 statement? Let me gist you small. 

You know it’s still Christmas season, I went visiting a couple who just got married. The man is the one related to me. Uncle Segun (not his real name) is that clean sweet guy… Oh ladies when you see this man, only the strong in the heart can survive. 

This dude is not only handsome, but he is also a genuine child of God. He loves God and goes to church regularly. (I’m trying to list all the qualities he has that we ladies usually pray for in a man) 

Lastly, Uncle Segun is a seasoned speaker who has been privileged to travel around the world and he has ‘ego’💰💰 💰 in abundance (you see why I likened him to John Obidi).

Let’s kwantinu… 

Now my thoughts subconsciously shifted over to his newly wedded wife and I kept saying “chai, how lucky this woman is.”


Did I just hear myself use the word “luck”?🤔

But I’ve always been among those who believe that luck doesn’t exist, that nothing good comes just by the folding of hands; there must have been a planting before there could be harvesting. So why am I saying this woman is lucky?

Is she really lucky? What do you think? 

I’ll tell you why I think she’s not lucky, rather she deserves what she got. She must have attracted such a quality of man into her life by the quality of person she had also become. It may even be that she prayed and fasted for years cause someone as tremendous as Uncle Segun didn’t land on her laps for free. She paid her price. 

I don’t think, someone like John Obidi or Allison Hyacinto will just wake up one morning and pick any random lady and make her his wife because of marriage sake. No, she has to be damn worth it spiritually, physically, intellectually, psychologically and other types of “cally”.

We’ve also seen cases where such men go for women that have suffered with them when they had nothing, when they were still living in face me I slap you type of house, when they were still wearing jump up trousers. 

So what’s the lesson in this post?

Ladies, you attract to yourself the kind of person you are. I know most of you pray for the already made man, (which is not bad after all Na still women go marry them) but if you have not groomed yourself to handle an already made man, sorry, you cannot have one. Some of you are not ready to grow with the upcoming potential celebrities, with the potential Dangote and Tony Elemelu, you just want everything to be shap shap & now now and most times, it does work that way. 

Take-home question for you: what quality of woman are you willing to become in 2020?

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Men, this post doesn’t exclude you. Anywhere you see a feminine pro(noun) e.g she, her, wife, just replace it with the masculine pro(noun). Enjoy the rest of the holidays. 


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