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Relationship Saturday: You Can Only Know A Man When He Has Millions – Wale Jana


“One of the major challenges women face is they can’t really tell who a man is until money comes. If you want to know if a man is really humble or faithful to his wife let him taste some millions. He will start telling the wife who was there through thick and thin stuff like “you are not my class” a woman who suffered and went through thick and thin with you? Bros the thunder that will fire you is loadin din din din.

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If you want to leave your wife, leave her when things are still red, don’t make small change and begin to feel you have arrived. You can never go far that way because the Bible says “he who repays good with evil, evil will never depart from his house”. Men have to be very careful, if a woman was there during difficult times you owe her an eternal gratitude.

May you receive this knock of common sense in Jesus name.

Please share so that others can be blessed as you are blessed.” – Wale Jena


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