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#RelationshipSaturday : Coronavirus And Kitchen Budget


I am sharing a table this morning and there are many wives on it. All of you shall chop your sub today, none of you will escape.
Do you see your life? You have been embezzling the kitchen budget for years and when they announced that we will be home for 2 weeks you saw a golden opportunity, you approached honey and said you need plenty money because things are expensive and getting scarce in the market and he dropped big money but instead of using all the money to buy foodstuff as you said, you diverted the funds and embezzled it because it was supposed to be a 2 weeks holiday and when our president announced another 2 weeks your heart began to do ggrimgbim 😂😂😂😂 you don’t know how to approach hubby to say that from the coming week there will be no meat on his food because you only bought what would last for 2 weeks.

You have been thinking of all kinds of strategy to make him drop money but my guy is not falling for it. You have been serving his food late so that it will reduce the number of times he is eating but from Monday there won’t be any food in the house and you are ranting about Buhari and COVID 19 on social media, people feel it’s because you really care they don’t know that it’s because you played yourself.
The annoying part is that you can’t even wear the clothes and shoes you bought with the money and the trader said she’s not taking a refund. Join God don catch you this time.

What should you do? Beg hubby and confess, if he is a good guy he will forgive and forget if he is a bad boy he will always use it against you. 
Learn your lesson stop embezzling the kitchen budget .
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