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When A Breakup Becomes A Breakthrough


You have found friendship and love in a soul, and that person becomes the most beautiful part of your life.
He is not just a boyfriend, he’s a good Christian who helps your spiritual life and he’s committed to helping you improve yourself while supporting your business and career with everything he has even as you also give him your full support with joy.
He buys you books for self-development, pays for your training, buys you online courses, and more.
He’s your go-to person when you are down. He’s also the one you celebrate your victory first with. He’s simply an angel who missed his flight when other angels were returning to heaven and you are just lucky and blessed to have him as a boyfriend.
You meet his friends and siblings and they are all awesome like they just returned from heaven. Even his mom loves you like a fat baby loves chocolate.

You guys are vulnerable to each other, the trust is 100%, the love is like a low budget Romeo and Juliet; everything seems right and it’s like a movie scripted by angel Gabriel and directed by angel LOVE.
Suddenly, he’s no longer interested. You ask him to tell you why, he tells you his pastor asked him to pray about the relationship and God revealed to him that his wife’s name is Esther, meanwhile your name is Chioma. Now no  more assurance for you. 🙆‍♀️
You are heartbroken. You have lost friendship and love.
What can be more painful?

The next thing he’s started going out with a lady but her name is not Esther, rather her name is Aisha.
It turns out the story was fabricated.This time you are emotionally traumatized.

This is perhaps the most terrible moment of your life as an adult as you can’t think, eat or sleep😭

Now Love is wicked!
Stop crying!
Yes, we all hate breakup and heartbreak, but it’s actually a good thing especially if you are young.

As long as you are dating, a break up is inevitable and the earlier you experience it the better for you.
If you ask me,  a man needs a heartbreak, another heartbreak to have emotional sense.

My ex was perfect. I struggled to accept the fact that it was over when we broke up, but when I did, I realized I never needed someone like her in the first place.
I have learned a lot and I’m just grateful that we broke up. 
How stupid I was asking someone I never needed to give it more chance even when I never offended her🙈
I’m so grateful that I feel like buying her a car today.

Emotions are not to be trusted. It’s only after a break up that you can truly make rational decisions.
It’s after a breakup that you can sit and define what you want and go for it.
That you love him does not mean you need him.
That you love him does not mean he deserves you.
…..When you realize this, it becomes a breakthrough.
….When you realize that God opened the door for him to walk away because you deserve better, that’s a breakthrough.
….When you realized that God has a better plan for you, that’s a breakthrough.

If you are going through a breakup right now, know that it might be the breakthrough that you need.
You are likely going to meet someone that is going to change your life forever.

Cry if you want, but don’t feel like you lost him, no, he lost you.
Forgive him and get ready for your breakthrough.
Can we all celebrate and thank God for letting them go so we can have space for someone better?

Say praise the Lord…….


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