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Reno Omokri Endorses The Stingy Men Movement, Sends A Message To Stingy Women


Mr Reno Omokri who is known for addressing trending topics on social took to his Facebook page on Monday, January 12, 2021, to make his position on the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria known and also dropped a message for the stingy women.

Mr Reno Omokri wrote:

“Dear Stingy Women Association,

Why should a man you are dating give you money? Is it because:

  • You are disabled?
  • You are too good to work?
  • You are an investment
  • You are an orphan and he is doing charity, or
  • Because you are a prostitute?

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If you are a financially prudent man, some women will interpret it as stinginess

But if you are broke, nobody will misinterpret it. So, let them call you stingy, as long as it stops you from going BROKE”

The stingy men campaign started on Twitter on Sunday and it has become a movement with celebrities like Don Jazzy being a proud member.

Women, on the other hand, have launched a similar campaign but surprisingly theirs is about zipping up, closing their legs and being stingy with sex. How long is this going to continue? Who is going to win eventually, we don’t know, we can only watch and see.

A stingy man with his girl

Meanwhile, are you a stingy man or woman? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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