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SILVA- Episode One And Two


Episode One

“Iyaye, I think your daughter should realise that very soon, she would be married. I don’t think I can stand her behaviour.”

Iyaye wrinkled her nose as she listened to her mother’s ranting. What else could she do? She was a frustrated mother here. A very frustrated one and now her mother was making things worse for her. She had done all she could to tame Silva’s unladylike nature but all to no avail. Silva, her only child was her eye, her everything. Ever since her husband left them, she had devoted all her love, all her time to bringing Silva up but somehow that not what Silva wanted. Silva acted like a boy, behaved like a boy, had male friends, no female one much to the dismay of her mother. She tried sending her to psychologists but the last time Silva was sent there, she threatened her that she would run away and since then Iyaye stopped.

Mommy, I have heard you. I will talk to her,” Iyaye said, trying to calm her angry mother down. “Talk to who? That tomboy who I caught scaling over the wall. Which woman in her right senses would do such a thing? If you had listened to my advice and married again, I’m not sure we would be having this discussion,” her mother replied, standing up to adjust her loose wrapper.

One, two, three, four,…….Iyaye was counting in her mind as her mother continued talking. “I would have been a grandmother with many grandchildren. But no. You decided to remain single while I believe your foolish idiotic ex-husband has gone on to remarry. You won’t kill me Iyaye. You won’t. You hear me?” Her mother huffed and then left the parlour. Iyaye sighed deeply as she thought of what to do next.
“Goodness, you and Silva won’t give me high blood pressure. I’ll survive to take care of both of you. By God, I will.”  Leaning back on the armchair she increased the volume of the television and let her mind wander on her daughter’s whereabouts. “Where in God’s name are you this time, Silva?”Not far away, just a few metres blocks but that she didn’t know.SILVA

Episode Two

“My game just cut,” moaned Silva as she looked at her long slip, long enough to bandage a person’s head. She sat on Matthew’s bike as she read each odds very carefully.

“I just lost 2500 naira just because of this stupid match. I blame the bookmakers. This match was so predictable. I can’t imagine that Liverpool had to lose to Fulham.” She spat angrily and threw her slip away. “Stupid match,” she muttered. Matthew raised his eyebrows at her and smiled. He had known Silva since she was eleven.

She was still struggling due to her dad’s absence in her life when he met her. She had constantly kept on blaming herself for everything and that led to her shutting everyone out of her life except him. He had struggled to get into her life, into her territory.

Even when she constantly got into fights, he would make sure to defend her, to make sure she was okay even though she brushed him off. Her strength and her boldness were what attracted him to her. They had become best friends for so long and he had never regretted it.

“Sometimes, I wonder why you still do this. This game is for guys, guys like me,” he said, showing off his toned muscles. “Guys like me who know the game.”
“Oh shut up. Say it again and I’ll punch your face. Who says that we girls can’t do this too?” She cringed as she tasted the word ‘girls’ on her tongue. This was the reason why dad left her. “I’ll win next time and this time I’ll stake a higher bet.”

“You love risks, don’t you?” Matthew asked, turning her face cap to the back. He loved doing that to her often just to see her scowl at him.
“Of course I do. Now quit doing that. You know how much I hate that. Besides if grandma sees me like that, she’ll think that I’ve suddenly become possessed and you know how she is.” She stood up from his bike, put her hands into her baggy trousers and crossed the street. She needed to go home. She knew her mom would be waiting for her to ask her where she had gone to.
Whistling, she bounced back home to face her judgement or so she thought.


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