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SILVA- Episode Ten


He gripped the steering wheel of the car and increased his speed. When he was informed of his ach enemy’s visit to the hospital, he almost ran insane. Jude had tried so hard to keep them away from his problems, from his enemies but they had still found a way to get close to them and now he had to do something. He had given the driver the day off. This was something he had to do alone. When he reached his destination, he sighed deeply and stepped out of the car. Immediately, he was surrounded by dangerous looking men who seemed heavily armed. They quickly searched him thoroughly and led him inside master’s cabin. There, they kept watch.

Master waded flawlessly into the room and signaled for the men to leave them both. He poured brandy, his favorite, into two glass cups and placed them quietly in front of them all the while never taking his eyes off his visitor. After what looked like an hour of deadly silence, the master spoke.
“To what do I owe this visit dear old friend?”

“I come in peace for now,” Jude replied, still standing. He knew that the last thing he had on his mind was sitting down and feeling at ease. He had known the host for a long time and they had done so many despicable things together, things he would gladly like to forget, things he shouldn’t had done.
“Indeed?” Master sat down quietly and took a sip waiting patiently for his friend’s outburst for he knew him too well.
“I have just come with one request, Henry, that you leave my family alone.”
“I do not know what you are talking about,” master said and smiled. He was enjoying every minute of the tension he felt hanging in the air.

“You were there, Henry. You were seen,” Jude gritted his teeth. “I know you too well. You hate hospitals but you were seen. And you had the guts to talk to my daughter.”
Master laughed hard; hard enough for the walls to vibrate and hard enough to shatter the ice at the North pole. Oh, how he found what his old friend said amusingly.
“Well, I must confess, you do know me too well but why do you care?” He looked at him with hooded eyes and observed his reaction. “I thought you had nothing to do with them. You left them a long time ago, didn’t you?”
“And that was the price I had to pay so dearly. You leave them alone,” Jude said, almost shouting. “If you have issues with me, take them out on me and not them. Yes, I have nothing to do with them but they are clueless and innocent. Don’t take it out on them.”

Master looked as if he was considering his offer but then shrugged.
“On one condition?”
Master came closer to him, and Jude could smell his breath. “I want the diamond.”

Silva walked into her mother’s room quietly so she could not be heard. There, both her grandmother and her mom slept peacefully and for once, she wished that their problems were just nightmares they could wake up from. She went closer to her mom and kissed her on her forehead and slowly began sobbing.
“I’m sorry I haven’t been a good daughter to you. I made you shout, talk and worry about me for as long as I can remember. I’m so sorry, mom,” she said, amidst tears. “You know I love you. Please do not leave me the way dad left us. You are all I have. I don’t think I could ever survive if you left me, mom.” She kept on caressing her mom’s head when she saw her shift and gradually open her eyes.
“Honey,” Iyaye said, looking at her only daughter, her only eye. She knew that her daughter was still trying to come to terms with the truth and this made her want to fight to live.

“Are you crying honey? Please don’t cry. If you cry, what do you want me to do?” Iyaye had seen her fight to become stronger. Silva had stopped crying since when she was eight and then onwards hardly cried, even about a slightest injury. She had directed her tears to fighting but now, it seemed Silva had started crying of late.
“Mom, please do not leave me.” She sobbed harder, letting the pain all out.
“You have to be strong for me Silva. Your cries do more damage to me,” Iyaye said as she wiped away her daughter’s tears. “I will be okay. We will come out of this test, do you hear me? Stay strong for me, honey. Please.”
She wanted to say more but froze when she realised that something was off about Silva and her appearance. Something was missing on her and that made her frown all the more.
“Honey, where is your necklace?”


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