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The Einstein’s Artistry (5th Edition) : All You Need To Know


The Einstein’s Artistry is an ‘Art Luxury show’ powered by Shinoblarke Concepts & The Einsteins Artistry Productions, designed to give a selection of high-end creatives within every major city in Nigeria (starting from the south south) an annual hub to connect, share and give expression to their premium art on a glamorous stage.
The vision of The Einstein’s Artistry is to emplace art firmly on the priority list in Nigeria just as it has been done in the recent times with music, fashion and film and it’s the most prodigious dream of The Einsteins Artistry to widen the knowledge and soulful appreciation of contemporary art within and without Nigeria.

The Einsteins Artistry Would Be Celebrating Their 5th Anniversary This Year and The theme for this year’s edition is ‘Afrocentric Fashion Rave‘.
It will feature centerpiece attractions of fashion showcase, art exhibitions, music performance, live contents creations, peoetic/aesthetic displays, lifestyle expression, awards presentations, technological art displays cultural activities and lots more. The finest and top-rated arts will run for bids.

CEO of Shinoblarke Concepts & The Einsteins Artistry Productions, Shinoblarke

According to the brand CEO , Shino Blarke, One of the goals for this year’s edition is to work with a wide array of partners and have all the post-production done right on the stage with a bigger media coverage and designed to create rooms for the audience to share feedbacks while expressing the richness and heritage of the place to which they are gathered.

The Einstein’s Artistry 2021 is also looking to achieve the following;
-A collaborative network of the finest artists who are eager to support each other’s virtues and uphold growth.

-A preservation of our cultural heritage and a showcase for how much that heritage has evolved over the years.

-A platform for fledgling creatives and an outlet for premium art to reach out to the world better.-

– To stimulate wonder, imagination and to bring hope and good cheer into the world through the expression of art and entertainment.

– Provide jobs to over a 100 creatives to bridge the employment gap and give artists opportunities to sell their art /talent and also give back to the less privileged kids on the streets.

If you are reading this , one question you probably wish to ask the organizer is, who is The Einstein‘s Artistry for?.Well, if you are a Show Host, Red Carpet Host, Stage-hand, Disc Jockey, Hypeman, Security personnel, Press man, Premium Dancer, Musician, Model, Fashion Stylist or Designer, The Einstein‘s Artistry even is for you.

Other things to look out for at The Einstein‘s Artistry 2021 are;
-Stage play, dance, poetic presentations & art exhibitions-Awards & special recognitions presentations-A brief runway at the end of the show with the models created upon.-Red carpet entertainment and interviews.-Special recognition presentations and awards to some the most finessed and most fashionable creatives.-After-party at a buzzing city club (optional)Entry: Strictly By Invitation but tables will be rated at 50, 000 to 500, 000 from VIP to VVIP.Producer.

The venue is Container Bistro GRA PH City.Date: December 15th 2021Art Exhibition : 3pmRed Carpet: 5pmMain Event Kicks Of By: 6pmFor partnership, sponsorship or Table reservations call 08134371954 or 08071134751


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